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Power seatsHeated seatsUpgrading

Power seats

Driver and passenger power front seats to be an available factory-installed choice for WJ grand Cherokees. Several various power seat choices were readily available depending ~ above the model and also year.

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The strength seat system had the complying with components:

Power lumbar adjuster (ten-way power seat only)Power lumbar switch (ten-way strength seat only)Power seat recliner (ten-way strength seat only)Power seat switchPower chair track

1999-2001 version seats

Six-way strength seat – This strength seat is an obtainable option top top Laredo models equipped with cloth-trimmed seats and also includes a six-way flexible seat cushion track with hands-on seat back recliners.

Ten-way strength seat – Ten-way strength seat – This power seat choice was typical on restricted models and also optional top top Laredo models with leather-trimmed seats. The option had a six-way adjustable seat cushion monitor plus power seat back recliners plus power lumbar supports, because that a “10-way” total. This power seat to be also obtainable with the heated seats alternative on both Laredo and limited models. Exclusive to restricted models over there is a standard equipment memory system that instantly positions the strength seat adjustments for two different drivers.

2002-2004 version seats

Six-way power drivers seat with hands-on passenger chair – This strength seat package is an option on Laredo models fitted with towel trimmed seats and includes a six-way flexible driver seat monitor with hands-on seat earlier recliners.

Six-way power driver and passenger seat – This power seat package is an option on Laredo models fitted with cloth or leather-trimmed seats and also includes six-way flexible seat tracks with hands-on seat back recliners. Heated seat are easily accessible on leather-trimmed seats.

Ten-way power motorists seat with Memory and also Six-way power passenger seat – This power seat parcel is typical on minimal models. This option consists of a six-way adjustable seat track v power seat ago recliners and power lumbar supports for the driver and six-way just for the passenger.

Ten-way power drivers and also passenger seats with Memory – This power seat choice is traditional on Overland models and also optional on minimal models. This option consists of a six-way adjustable seat cushion track v power seat back recliners and also power lumbar supports. Boil Seats are standard through this option.

Heated seats

Individually controlled driver and passenger side electrically heated front seat were accessible as a manufacturing facility installed alternative when additionally equipped v the power seat option. The heated chair system allows both the driver and the front seat passenger the alternative to select one of two seat heating ranges, low or High, or to turn the individual seat heaters Off utilizing the heated chair switches situated in the facility lower bezel close to the bottom that the instrument panel center stack.

The boil seat switch circuit operates top top ignition switched battery present supplied with a fuse in the junction block, only as soon as the ignition switch is in the ~ above position.

The heated chair system consists of the following contents :

Heated seat elementsHeated chair sensorsHeated chair module (or memory heated chair module)Heated chair switches


Heated chair switches in a 1999 restricted and Heated switch detail

Heated chair switches

The heated seat switches are an installed in the tool panel center lower bezel, i m sorry is located near the bottom that the instrument panel facility stack. The 2 three-position rocker-type switches, one switch because that each former seat, carry out a resistor multiplexed signal to the Body control Module (BCM) v separate difficult wired circuits.

Each switch has an Off, Low, and High place so that both the driver and also the front chair passenger can pick a preferred seat heating mode. Every switch has actually two Light-Emitting Diodes (LED), one each for the short position and also the High position, which irradiate to show that the heater for the seat the the move controls is turned on. Each switch is also earlier lit by a replaceable incandescence bulb.

The heated seat switches and also their LEDs can not be repaired. If either switch or LED is faulty or damaged, the whole switch unit must be replaced. The incandescent switch illumination bulb and bulb holder systems are accessible for service replacement.

The heated chair system additionally relies ~ above resources shared with other electronic modules in the auto over the Programmable interactions Interface (PCI) data bus network. The PCI data bus network allows the share of sensor information. This help to mitigate wire exploit complexity, inner controller hardware, and also component sensor existing loads.

Heated chair operation

There are three positions that can be selected with each that the heated chair switches: Off, Low, or High. As soon as the optimal of the switch rocker is completely depressed, the High place is selected and also the high place LED indicator illuminates. When the bottom that the move rocker is fully depressed, the Low place is selected and also the low position LED indicator illuminates. As soon as the move rocker is moved to its neutral position, off is selected and both LED signs are extinguished.

Both switches carry out separate resistor multiplexed hard wire inputs come the BCM to show the selected switch position. The BCM monitors the switch inputs and sends heated seat switch condition messages to the Heated chair Module (HSM) or the memory Heated chair Module (MHSM) over the Programmable interactions Interface (PCI) data bus. The HSM or MHSM responds to the heated seat switch status messages by controlling the calculation to the chair heater aspects of the selected seat. The Low warmth position collection point is about 97° F (36° C), and also the High warm position set point is around 105° F (41° C).

Upgrading to power or power/heated seat (Laredo models)

Power or power/heated seats can be included to most WJ’s that came through standard seats. The whole seat assemblies will need to be exchanged. All seats usage the exact same bolt sample so the environment fit will constantly be exact. For strength seat wiring, all the is forced is a continuous +12V wire and a ground wire. Vehicles that come without power seats are not pre-wired. For the Ground cable it is probably finest to operation it end to the center console area where it deserve to be attached come a steel bracket. Do not drill a hole in the floor listed below the seat. For the strength lead, run a wire v an in-line fuse up to the fuse dashboard area wherein you can uncover a + wire to madness into.

Power / heated seats (leather only)

For 1999-2004 cool Cherokees that came without heated seats the wiring is a little more involved together the heat role is regulated via the PCI Bus and you will be hooking up two seats. 2 heated seat switches will have to be purchased and installed in the facility bezel. Some center bezels have the holes pre-cut with blank plates set up while others may have to be trimmed out through a dremel kind tool. Some owners selected to just purchase a new center console bezel assembly as there are number of choices obtainable (with and without ashtray for example). See interior Trim because that a list of part numbers for facility bezels.

NOTE: A factory pre-wired harness because that the heated seat switches is located behind the facility lower bezel in many if no all models that did not have actually this feature. All you need to do is plug the 2 harness plugs into the 2 heated chair switches.

Power / heated chair wiring at the seat location

For the driver’s seat, pin 4 (red) is the 12V lead and Pin 5 (black) is the Ground.

On the Passenger seat pin 3 (Red/LB) is the 12V lead and also Pin 2 (black) is the Ground.

The ground wires for the two seats must be run together to one soil location. The power wires because that both seats deserve to be hooked together and also a solitary wire with an in-line fuse run to the prior fuse crate area.

The PCI Bus cable is run from the chauffeurs seat come a ar under the dash where you can tap into any type of PCI wire. Most owners have actually just tapped right into the Bus in ~ the radio harness. Top top 1999-2001 WJ’s, a single separate PCI wire plugs into the earlier of the radio. Because that 2002-2004 models insanity in to pen 14 that the 22-pin radio harness. Radio wiring diagrams deserve to be discovered Here .

In addition to the PCI Bus, Power and Ground, four wires need to be run in between the chauffeurs seat and the passenger seat, as displayed in the table below:

Grand Cherokee WJ – strength / cook Seat upgrade wiring
Pin 3 (YL/VT)(not required)PCI Bus
Pin 4 (RED)Pin 3 (Red/LB)12V fused Power
Pin 5 (BLK)Pin 2 (BLK)Ground
Pin 1 (PK/BK)Pin 4 (PK/BK)
Pin 2 (DG/WT)Pin 1 (DG/WT)
Pin 6 (BR/WT)Pin 5 (BR/WT)
Pin 8 (BK/VT)Pin 6 (BK/VT)


Wiring pinouts because that the strength / heated seat connectors

Heated seat troubleshooting


Model Year(s): 1999-2004

Description: Heated seat inoperative. On some vehicles the heated seat may be inoperative due to an open up circuit in the seat cushion heater element.

Details: This bulletin involves installing a kit to repair an open up circuit in the heated seat heating element circuit. Utilizing a digital ohmmeter, check the resistance across the four method heated seat feed connector under the seat. The resistance between terminals “A” and “B” should be 0.90 ohms to 1.90 ohms. If the resistance value falls external of this range, execute the fix Procedure.


Parts required:

P/N 5019769AA – cook Seat repair Kit (For cushion only, one kit per heater element, 2 per cushion. MSRP: $20.75)

P/N 68002999AB (superseded native P/N 5072485AA) – “Peel & stick” Heating facet kit – Seat earlier (2001-up Vehicles, see Notes below. MSRP: $235.00)

P/N 68002999AB (superseded indigenous P/N 5072486AB) – “Peel & stick” Heating facet kit – chair cushion (2001-up Vehicles, watch Notes below. MSRP $235.00)

P/N 5000032AA – “Peel & stick” Heating element – seat back, (2003-2004 vehicles developed after September 10, 2002. MSRP $90.85)

P/N 68002999AA (superseded native P/N 5000031AA) – “Peel & stick” Heating element kit – chair cushion, (2003-2004 vehicles developed after September 10, 2002. MSRP $235.00)

The boil seat fix kit, 05019769AA consists of detailed environment instructions. Follow the instructions provided in the kit for installation. Refer to the 2002 cool Cherokee organization manual, publishing number 81–370–02064, web page 8G-14, because that instructions top top the replaceable heater elements, P/N 5072485AA and also 5072486AA).


1999 Trim code DL: use 5019769AA on vehicles built before Nov. 17, 1998. Because that 1999 design year vehicles constructed after Nov. 17, 1998 – change seat cover.

2000 Trim password DL: replace seat cover

2001 Trim password EL: usage 5019769AA for vehicles built prior to Sept. 18, 2000. Vehicles developed after Sept. 18, 2000 – use replaceable heating aspects – 5072485AA (seat back), 5072486AB (seat cushion).

2001 Trim code FL: replace seat cushion for vehicles built prior to Sept. 18, 2000.

2001-2003: for vehicles developed after Sept. 18, 2000 and also up come September 10, 2002 use replaceable (“peel and also stick”) heating elements 5072485AA (seat back, MSRP $30.85) or 5072486AA (seat cushion, MSRP $46.50).

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2003-2004: Vehicles constructed after September 10, 2002 use replaceable (“peel and also stick”) heating elements 5000032AA (seat back, MSRP $97.00) and 5000031AA (seat cushion, MSRP $138.00).