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I just bought my an initial Jeep (2003 grand Cherokee) a pair weeks back and it just came v 1 key. I checked out the hardware store and also had an additional made b/c it didn"t look choose they have actually a chip in the key. Placed it in, turned that on, and also it won"t continue to be started (little "no key" illuminates on the gauges). On my old Mustang I had the ability to bypass the PATS system (security mechanism that required the chip). Does anyone know how to bypass this system? Or have the right to someone give me a detailed summary of what it"s doing?



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you will have actually to get the right crucial and take it it to the dealer to gain programmed to your truck. Its choose 45 bucks to have them simply program it. If you have two programed secrets you deserve to program up to choose 8 your self. But you need to have two keys allready programed to carry out it yourself. The very first two space dealer only... If you loosened keys alot i imply hitting increase ebay notified a few and act them yourself after you obtain the an initial two. That means you have them lol
I recognize that you"re mean to have actually a chipped key. Really, that"s no my question (not asking just how to routine the key). I"m questioning if anyone knows exactly how to bypass that security system. My old Mustang had actually the same kind of point (supposed to have a chipped crucial or that won"t start). But, I merely bypassed the system to I could have a spare vital for $3 indigenous Lowes. Ns guess I"m asking if anyone has a wiring diagram of the security system or whole ignition system. At some point I would favor to do it push switch ignition therefore this system needs to go.
you require a service manual below is a connect to part sure wj yet my wk has actually all the wiring diagrams in there
You need to talk come a decent alarm installer in your area. With a most remote starts/alarm equipment that space aftermarket yet installed top top the WJ, a type of bypasser module needs to be put into place to allow the van to go with all that normal functions without a real sentry crucial in place. It is really possible, but not simple at all. Speak to a few local installers, describe to lock you have actually the chrysler/jeep immobilizer .. There"s always ways come bypass it however in mine opinion, it"d be cheaper to simply cough up the money for the vital from the dealer, i m really sorry bro! It"s extra safety and security though, renders our WJ"s that much harder come steal.
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specifically like that. The just thing you would need to do is cable a toggle switch to it in enhancement to this kit. Since it"s make to job-related with an alarm you would need to send a signal (Probably a ground) come let it know that it"s okay to send the bypass signal. Just like an alarm would perform to do it work.Wouldn"t be hard to install together it would tap into the have the right to BUS system. There is no a wire diagram because that the module itself ns can"t tell girlfriend anything further, yet it deserve to be done.

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Your crucial sends a signal to a SKIM (Security key Immobilization Module) via a sensor pick up wire (antenna). One method to get around having to use the an essential might it is in to strap the crucial to the module under the dash so the it is always sensed. Then you have the right to use any kind of beginning system that you want to. Good Luck ...