P0136 is a common OBDII code that wake up in the Toyota Tacoma. It is frequently caused once the O2 Sensor voltage is not within typical operating range.

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Bank one will be the next of the engine with cylinder 1 in the firing order.

Toyota Tacoma P0136 Symptoms


Often, the just symptom of P0136 is walking to it is in the service engine soon light. In part cases, there deserve to be various other symptoms together well. These symptoms include:

unstable running engine Smelly exhaust service light on bad MPG

Most of the time, it’s no a breakdown risk. But, prefer anything that reasons the business engine quickly light to which it is a good idea to have it fixed as soon as possible. Driving your vehicle for really long periods the time with P0136 have the right to potentially cause engine, catalytic converter damage.

P0136 Causes: Toyota Tacoma

Here space the most typical issues that cause the P0136 password in the Tacoma. They space presented in order (somewhat) of many to the very least likely to cause the problem.

Damage come the Terminal– The terminal the the oxygen sensor connects come (the plug) is also relatively susceptible come damage. You’ll desire to make certain that over there is voltage going come it. There’s an ext on that directly below. Exhaust Leak– If the exhaust is leaking, then it’ll enable oxygen in that shouldn’t it is in there. That have the right to throw this code. Wrong O2 Sensor– If you are gaining P0136 after having actually recently replaced your Oxygen sensor, it might be the the replacement is dorn or bad.


Tacoma P0136 Diagnosis

Here is a fantastic video that covers all aspects of diagnosing a P0136 trouble password It’s because that a VW, yet the password is universal.

It is possible to diagnose the P0136 with a multimeter. If you usage the multimeter, you’ll recognize whether or no the voltage coming to and also from the oxygen sensor is within spec, this can help you recognize if it’s her Tacoma’s O2 sensor, or wiring exploit that’s the issue.

If friend don’t have accessibility to a multimeter, it certainly wouldn’t ache to examine the wiring to in between the fuse box and the Oxygen sensor first. If it end up being a wiring issue, it’ll conserve you money end buying one unnecessary O2 sensor.

You can additionally use a voltage check light to identify whether or not the oxygen sensor is getting any voltage at all (they’re about $5 in ~ Walmart). If it’s no getting any kind of voltage, affix the check light to the exploit plug and also shake the wiring a small bit. If the light come on, also for a second, you know that you have actually a quick circuit bring about the P0136 problem code.

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Most of the time with P0136, it’s walking to it is in the oxygen sensor itself that has actually caused the code to trigger. Great luck finding everything caused the in your Toyota Tacoma. If you have anything the you would like to add, you re welcome feel cost-free to leave a comment below.