129885 miles. DTC C0055. Where is the ar of the rear wheel rate sensor? Engine Vortec 5.3L V8 4x4. Gas. VIN 1GCEK14J57Z576861. Since I cant discover the rear wheel rate sensor, ns opt to change the auto speed sensor and also scanned that again. However it display screens the very same DTC C0055.

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describe diagram. If girlfriend encounter any kind of abnormal grind noises, the reason could be from the diffrential fairly than the wheel rate sensors.


Sir, the silverado the we have actually here, the rear brakes space Drum brakes no rotor disc brakes. Only the front space rotor decaying brakes. The diagram that you sent to me is rotor decaying brake. One much more thing is that as soon as I operation the car, it would certainly take virtually 100 meters before the speedometer work and also the transmission begin to shift as well.I replaced the car speed sensor yet still the very same problem.

it sounds like the ABS module is going out here is a video to help you change it out.https://youtu.be/lUotkKXG9dYDisk or north they should be comparable in location. Examine the behind of brake at backing key to view if friend can find the sensors. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know if you need anything else to get the difficulty fixed.Cheers

Hello, In the diagrams down listed below I have contained a diagram mirroring the areas of the Wheel rate Sensors for her vehicle. Lock are situated on the former wheels and not on the behind wheels as they will certainly be travel as rapid as the rear wheels, so there is no require for them on the behind wheels. Ns hope this helps.Thanks, Alexlungemine.com
had narrowed an problem down to bad carrier bearing, before I gained a chance to solve it the ABS light and also warning light come on right prior to the steering became very difficult. Uncovered that problem and replaced the caliper, hub assembly and turned the rotor on passenger side. Currently the ABS lights space off but am experiencing a vibration at the brake pedal yet only when almost coming to a finish stop. Any type of ideas the why the vibration?

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This is a very common trouble that only applies to GM trucks. It's brought about by rust buildup under one of the former ABS wheel rate sensors.To create a signal voltage, you require three things; a coil the wire, a magnet, and most importantly, movement between them. In this case, the wheel rate sensor is a coil of wire wrapped approximately a magnet, climate the activity is in reality the magnet's magnetic field being disturbed by the passing this on the tone ring. GM puts the tone ring inside your wheel bearing assemblies, yet the sensor sits external where water can obtain under the mounting pad, bring about rust to kind and build up. Together it does, the pushes the sensor away from the ton ring.These sensors build real wimpy signal to start with, then they end up being even weaker as soon as the air gap increases. Next, because movement is a variable in signal strength, the signals end up being even weaker together wheel rate slows down. By the time you obtain down to about 10 mph, the signal becomes also weak to be analyzed by the computer. It thinks the wheel has locked up, so the activates the various valves to shot to obtain that wheel rotating again. That's referred to as "false activation". It's the operation of those valves you're feeling.The solve is usually to eliminate the sensor come clean off any kind of rust under it. Many human being replace the whole wheel bearing assembly, however most of the moment that is not necessary. The red arrow is pointing come the area where the rust forms.