At the finish of 2008, a class action suit brought prior to the U.S.District Court in Seattle resulted in a settlement for owners and lessees of certain General motors vehicles manufactured in between 2003 and also 2005. The suit contained Trailblazers built during that time and, for number of years, those enduring trouble through the speedometer and other tools in this vehicles can have the entire instrument cluster replaced at no charge, provided the auto had remained in service because that fewer 보다 7 years and had been driven much less than 70,000 miles. Those v fewer 보다 80,000 mile on your Trailblazers could receive the cost-free replacement as well, but had come pay because that labor the end of pocket.

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Of course, through 2013, few if any Trailblazers still dropped under the agreement, but this go not average that owners stopped experiencing trouble with their speedometers or other instruments.

Case Documents

* Settlement commitment (PDF)

* Class an alert with Reimbursement Claim form (PDF)

* organization Bulletin regarding “Special Coverage” (Complete) (PDF)

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What’s the finest option now?

Dealerships will certainly still repair the instrument swarm in these vehicles, however it deserve to often cost as lot as $600 and more. A better option is to eliminate the tool panel yourself (this have the right to be done quite easily, and Dr. Speedometer can provide you step-by-step instructions on how) and also send it come a qualified GM electronics repair facility choose Dr.Speedometer. We can repair her speedometer cluster the same day it’s got (we’ll also pay for shipping both ways) and also for about fifty percent as much as it expense at the dealership. We use only new OEM factory redesigned motors (X25.168) – not old surplus or motors stripped indigenous junkyard systems that will certainly probably simply fail again – and our repair come standard through a lifetime guarantee.

Hi Fred,

Thanks for fixing my speedometer. It is functioning great. Ns would extremely recommend you come anyone that requirements their speedometer fixed. I drove approximately for 2 years through it broken.

Thanks,Jody MarshallLincoln, NE2004 Trailblazer

I just reinstalled my cluster. The hardest part of your procedure is overcoming the downhearted thoughts that this is too good to it is in true; i beg your pardon is thrust by the civilization we live in, to fill w/ scam artist on every corner.

It was a pain free transaction. Capped off w/ sharing her peanut M&Ms w/ my 4 yr old. (Nice touch!!)

I assumption: v there room still some great people in this world. Well done!

Alex McReeBirmingham, AL2004 Trailblazer

Thanks so much for the fast turnaround on mine repairs. I reinstalled the instrument cluster this morning and also it functions great.

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Thanks again for her service. Ns will absolutely recommend you to my friends.

Ron AtkinsonSumter, SC03 Chevrolet Trailblazer