The info herein defines engine oil adjust and oil filter measures for 2004 Dodge ram 1500 pickup trucks with 5.7L, 8-cylinder hemi SMPI petrol engines.

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Engine oil is a viscous lubricant obtained from petroleum. The is compelled to remove and replace engine oil and engine oil filter regularly on every internal-combustion engines. If motor oil and also filter are not swapped out with brand-new oil, interior engine contents will become too hot and will prematurely wear out and warp. DiamlerChrysler corporation “recommends” that Mopar brand lubricants and parts are supplied when instead of the oil filter and changing the engine oil. The adhering to engine oil adjust and oil filter removal and also installation procedures are based upon factory specifications and are quote from the official service manual.

Engine Oil and also Filter replacement Intervals

The factory service manual recommend engine oil and also filter be changed at 3,000 mile (5,000 kilometer) intervals if a automobile operates under the complying with conditions:

Operates in temperatures listed below 0° C (32° F).Experiences a lot of stop and also go driving.Driven in sandy or dusty atmospheres.Engine is left idling for lengthy periods of time.Engine security 50% the its steering time at high speeds and in hot weather 32° C (90° F).If auto is used for trailer towing.If vehicle is supplied for delivery company or various other commercial organization e.g., Taxi, Police.If vehicle is used for off-road or in desert atmospheres.If engine operates with E-85 ethanol fuel.

Vehicles that are not operated under the conditions detailed above, and are no subjected to extreme driving problems or abuse, deserve to wait till 6,000 miles (10,000 kilometers) before an altering engine oil and also engine oil filter.

Engine Oil Capacity


Engine Oil Type

The factory recommended fabricated oil kind for a 2004 Dodge ram 1500 5.7 L hemi is 5w30 man-made oil. If temperature stay over 0° F, move to 10w-30 . Engines oil v filter need 7.0 quarts.

Engine Oil Change

The factory service manual advise engine oil and filter be readjusted at 3,000 mile (5,000 kilometer) intervals. The adhering to engine oil instead of proceeders are based upon the factory service manual recommendations.

Run engine until it reaches normal operating temperature.Put the automobile on a flat level surface and turn off the motor.Hoist and support the truck on security stands rated for the vehicle’s weight.Remove oil fill cap.Place a suitable pan underneath the crankcase drain plug.Remove drainpipe plug and permit the engine oil to drainpipe into pan.Inspect drain plug threads for damage, extending or other abnormalities.Reinstall drain plug in crankcase.Torque drain plug come 34 N·m ( 25 ft. Lbs.).Lower the truck and also fill crankcase with engine oil.Reinstall oil fill cap.Start increase the motor and check because that oil leaks.Turn turn off the engine and inspect the engine oil level.

Oil Filter


Dodge ram 5.7-liter engines are equipped with a high-quality, high flow disposable oil filter. DaimlerChrysler advises the usage of a Mopar or indistinguishable oil filter replacement.

Place one oil drain pan under the oil filter.Use one oil filter wrench to loose the filter.Turn the oil filter counterclockwise so as to take turn off oil filter indigenous the cylinder block.Once you have operated the filter indigenous the cylinder block, guideline the filter’s gasket end upward as watched in image below to avoid oil spill.Make sure the oil filter gasket is not stuck top top the oil filter boss. In various other words, make certain the oil filter gasket was gotten rid of with filter.Use a clean cloth to wipe the gasket sealing surface ar so that is totally free of oil, dirt and also grime.
(1) Oil Filter Sealing Surface. (2) Rubber Gasket. (3) Oil Filter.


Apply a irradiate coat of new motor so regarding lubricate the brand-new oil filter gasket.Thread and also rotate the oil filter top top the adapter nipple until in makes call with the sealing surface. Once the filter provides a connection with the sealing surface, hand tighten the oil filter one half turn, or 180°, perform not end torque.Add oil, verify engine oil level then start the truck’s engine. Check for oil leaks.

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Over time, dirt and particles because of engine wear can decrease the life the the engine. A regime engine oil and filter readjust can extract particles and sludge, keeping the engine at optimal operating condition. Furthermore, petroleum-based oils will certainly degrade as a an outcome of heat and also pressure and become can not to properly lubricate the motor and also internal engine parts. If you plan to save your van in great running problem for year to come, it is a requirement to readjust the oil and also filter on a consistent basis.