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My oil press gauge on my 2001 Blazer 4WD is pegged. I think probably it ended up being unplugged or something. Ns can"t uncover it. Any aid would it is in appreciated. Thanks.

My oil pressure gauge on my 2001 Blazer 4WD is pegged. I think possibly it ended up being unplugged or something. I can"t find it. Any assist would it is in appreciated. Thanks.
Mine is situated at the earlier of the engine behind the coil paks. I have a 4.3 1997 Zr2. Hope this offers you one idea.

Mine is situated at the back of the engine behind the coil paks. I have actually a 4.3 1997 Zr2. Expect this provides you one idea.
Coil packs? The 4.3 doesn"t use coil packs...The sending out unit is threaded right into the block come the appropriate of the distributor (looking at the engine from the front). If it to be unplugged I"d imagine press would review zero and not pegged yet I suppose it can be faulty. As soon as you turn the truck off does the needle go back to zero? If no you might want to check your gauge cluster to check out if the needle is stuck or perhaps the cluster itself is bad.
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Thanks guys. Ns will need to remove the dist lid to watch if I deserve to see it. I just gained the tranny ago in and suspect possibly I bumped the while putting the dipstick tube earlier in. It"s tight back there! I removed the cluster and moved the needle ago where it need to be, but as soon as I rotate the crucial on, that pegs again. Part gauges peg once unplugged(open circuit), part peg once shorted to ground. Ns will inspect it an ext this weekend. The automobile was down due to the fact that Thanksgiving, so who knows what happened. Many thanks again, Later.

It"s come my knowledge that if the ECM isn"t getting any signal of oil push from the oil push switch - which would be the case, if the switch was unplugged - it cuts out fuel. Is the motor actually running differently, or is the problem minimal just to your dash gauge? Sounds an ext like a ground issue, or a difficulty with the gauge/cluster, itself rather than the sending unit, to me.Now would be a groovy time to upgrade to a mechanical oil pressure gauge. Simply locate the share sender in ~ the back by the distributor, screw in a T-fitting, and also then thread the share switch and the line for your aftermarket gauge into that. Don"t forget to wrap the threads with Teflon tape, too.
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Hello 2001 through 45k miles oil pressure gauge shake s indigenous 40 to 80 in ~ idol is this normal? additionally where is the oil push sensor location and oil sending out unit location

Hello 2001 with 45k miles oil pressure gauge shake s native 40 come 80 at idol is this normal? also where is the oil push sensor location and oil sending unit location
This subject is 12 years old, dead, and also should not be revived. Feel free to start your own thread in the 262/4.3 section.BTW...its back by the distributor.Closed.

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