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48÷2(9+3) = ? is a math difficulty that leader to two various answers depending on the stimulate of operations<1> used. Because 2011, article board users have disputed over even if it is 2 or 288 is the correct answer come the problem, through no conclusive answer. This and also another seemingly impossible equations have been a hot topic the forum dispute that are sometimes used come troll other posters who will vehemently argue the their prize is the critical one.

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On April 7th, 2011, a user the the regional Texas article board warm Pursuit<3> recognized as al_carl polled other users about the equation 48÷2(9+3), discovered in his son"s homework the previous night. He available four various answers, 2, 3.14, 219 and also 288. The answer were fairly evenly split, with 50 people picking 2 and 55 picking 288. The question generated 95 replies the debate around the exactly answer.



Later the day, who reposted the equation to the Bodybuilding.com message board<4>, where much more than 2,500 replies to be posted. Additionally on April 7th, debate about the equation took location on dozens of message boards, ranging from neighborhoods surrounding large topics to fan spaces for neighborhood sports teams including the Physics Forums<5>, wall surface Street Oasis<6>, MSU Red Cedar<7>, Grass City<8>, Tennis Warehouse<9>, inside MD Sports<10> and The Ecapist.<11> later that day, the equation was posed on Yahoo! Answers<11>, whereby the user Phyxius Ænimus broke down the two ideologies to the problem, noting that periodically math walk not administer definitive answers.


The next day, added discussions of the equation took location on the Sneaker speak forums<12>, Yahoo! answers Australia<13> and DIY mobile Audio.<14>


The reason different calculators offer various answers to the equation counts on just how the maker interprets the order of operations. Most calculators monitor the traditional order, completing expressions within brackets prior to anything else, resulting in response of 288, as figured out by WolframAlpha<17> and also Google.

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<18> In this case, the trouble is solved as follows:

However, others will follow PEMDAS, a mnemonic term that means Parentheses, Exponentiation, Multiplication, Division, enhancement and Subtraction. By this logic, multiplication need to take place before division, leading to solving the trouble as follows:

Order the Operations and also PEMDAS are not the only rules that have the right to be used to complete the equation. If one uses the distributive property, which needs numbers external of an equation in parentheses be multiply to every number in the fastened equation separately, both results of 2 and 288 can be observed, depending on whether or not the department takes ar first.

There is additionally an argument<15> the implied multiplication, as viewed in the algebraic phrase 2x bring away precedence over explicit multiplication utilizing the "x" symbol. Because that example, in the problem 2/5x, the implicitly multiplication said by 5x would certainly come before the explicit department of 2/5. Adhering to this logic, the equation have the right to be resolved as follows:

The final strategy suggests the obelus, the term for the price "÷", represents the division of all terms coming before it by all terms after it<20><21>, separating the two components of the equation at hand. Using this interpretation, the equation is solved like so: