Hi everyone. So mine Elac debut b6 have actually arrived today. I'm waiting for the Yamaha RN-402 to come soon. I was analysis on some forum around impedance matching and all the jazz and I to be wondering if the is harmful because that my amp(which is supposedly rated because that 8 ohm speakers) to drive the Elacs.

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Of course the very first question I have when I see "6 ohm nominal" speaker is , space they actually 6 ohm motorists or space they utilizing a 4 ohm woofer v an 8 ohm tweeter and also splitting the difference, which I've seen plenty of and is bullshit due to the fact that as far as real power shipment is involved they space 4 ohm speakers.

That claimed the Yamaha amplifiers are pretty rugged and you'll really only have concerns if you room flogging the tits the end of them, I'd placed money on the speakers failing before the amp in the worse case.

Why don't the manufacturers simply make every speaker 8 ohm or 4ohm? Is there a lose in sound quality once you integrate speakers and amps which room not rated the same in terms of impedance?

Just discovered this article : https://www.cnet.com/news/this-149-yamaha-rs-202-stereo-receiver-wowed-the-audiophiliac/

They paired Elac Debut b6 v a Yamaha R-S202 which has the same impedance as the RN402. The reviewer claimed it sound amazing and also there to be no point out of 6 ohm speaker being an overwhelming to drive v the Yamaha.

Speaker impedance in reality varies with frequency, and no matter WHAT rating a speak has, it probably varies between 3 or 4 ohms up to around 20 or more.

These ratings aren't that meaningful. I have actually designed and also built strength amps. If your speaker have an extremely low impedance at part frequency, over there is a opportunity the amp might not have the ability to deliver the required current when used at HIGH VOLUME!

In general, don't sweat this impedance stuff. There space lots of world who insurance claim to have actually "golden ears" and also can constantly hear a "difference". There is a most BS in the audio world...

Thanks. Your view rather comforts me. This would certainly be my first step into the audiophile kingdom so I started with a budget build. Considering I'm a noob right here I presume girlfriend wouldn't mind me questioning silly concerns such as, just how high is high volume? What sort of signals carry out I get from the amp once the volume is as well high?

Sorry come piggyback, yet what around 4ohm speakers? I’m likely to choose up these speakers this weekend. My only extra recipient is rated under to 8ohm, so ns was reasoning of picking up one iNuke 1000dsp someone is marketing to power them.

I'm it is registered the amp's spec page. It perform dynamic power for various impedance values. Rn402

You may notification a fall in sound quality. As soon as doing abdominal muscle comparisons before buying, ns tested my Magnepans (4ohm) making use of an 8ohm, 6ohm, and also 4ohm source. The difference between the 8/6 and the 4ohm source was distinct. The mids sound muddy at greater volumes, and also the instruments weren't together crisp. V the 4ohm amp, it sound noticeably clearer. There room a many of components in play, however keep in mind the you can be underpowering her loudspeakers.

As because that harmful, relying on the typical volume you journey them, girlfriend may notification a warmer amp than you would once driving 8ohm. Screen temperatures simply in case. I haven't run 4ohm through 8 or 6 for an extended period of time, yet I have actually read that doing therefore will develop excess demand on the amp and likely an outcome in a hot component. Ns don't recognize if 8->6 is sufficient to perform the same, yet keep an eye ~ above temps because that sure.

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edit: Something to note, Yamahas (i have actually one myself) have a various impedance depending upon the speaker networks you use. I noticed on her model, the "A" posts are 8ohm, the "B" are 16ohm. Make certain to affix to the peak row of binding articles and set your amp come "A" (not A+B) to get the complete 8ohm output.