In this ar we find out how to express one number together a percentage of annother. For example, by the end of this section we"ll have no trouble reflecting that:<18 = 45\% extof 40>We start by finding out the method as well as read through a worked example prior to working with some exercises.

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Method: to express (A) as a percentage of (B)

Given 2 numbers (A) and (B), come express (A) together a percentage of (B) us Step 1: division (A) by (B), that"s (Adiv B) or (fracAB).

Since (5) is a factor of (100) ((100) is a lot of of (5)) us don"t need a calculator. Us follow our two-step method:Step 1: we write (3div 5) together a fraction:Step 2: we write (frac35) together an equivalent portion over (100). Making use of the fact that (100 = 5 imes 20), we multiply both the numerator and the denominator by (20) to attain our fraction:Finally, due to the fact that (frac60100 = 60\%) we have the right to state the (3) is (60\%) of (5).

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Since (40) isn"t a factor of (100) ((100) isn"t a lot of of (40)) we usage a calculator for step 1. Through that in mind, us follow ours two-step method:Step 1: we start by splitting (18) by (40):< frac1840 = 0.45>This tells us that (frac1840) is equivalent to:Step 2: We write (frac0.451) as an equivalent portion over (100). To carry out this us multiply the numerator and also the denominator through (100):Finally, since (frac45100 = 45\%) we can state the (18) is (45\%) the (40).

Answer every of the following questions, rounding to (1) decimal ar when appropriate.Express (17) as a percent of (20)Express (30) as a percentage of (80).Express (2) together a percentage of (5)Express of (25) as a percentage of (60).What percentage of (92) is (43)?What percentage of (110) is (21)?Express (8) together a percentage of (12.5)Express (35) as a percent of (240).Charlotte weighs (18)kg. Her dad weighs (74)kg. What portion of she dad"s load does Charlotte weigh? to express Charlott"es dad"s weight together a portion of her"s.Benjamin has been saving-up for a game that prices ($ 115,00). So far he has saved ($ 90,00). What percent of the game"s price has actually Benjamin managed to save so far?Every summer, John and his household drive (1340)km to reach your summer hourse. After having actually driven (850)km, John"s eldest daughter Clara decides to calculate the percent of the expedition they"ve already travelled. What percent does she find?In stimulate to lose weight Serge determined to reduced his everyday calory intake to (2200) calories, rather of the (2500) calories he used to take. To express his brand-new daily entry of calories as a percent of the previous.James wins ($ 3400,00) in ~ the city hall lottery. The decides to offer ($ 1150,00) come his brother Jonathan to help him to buy the laptop that wanted. To express the quantity James offered his brother as a percentage?To prepare for she exams Sarah develops a study plan. Every week she studies:(9) hrs of mathematics(6) hours of physics(5) hours of computer system science(4) hrs of chemistryWhat percent of her research time walk she invest on each subject?

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Note: this exercise have the right to be downloaded together a worksheet to practice with: Worksheet 1
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We find the following:(85\%)(37.5\%)(40\%)(41.7\%)(46.7\%)(19.1\%)(64\%)(14.6\%)Charlotte"s load is (24.3\%) of she Dad"s and his weight is (411.1\%) that Charlotte"s.(78.3\%)(63.4\%)(88\%)(33.8\%)Total variety of hours buy it studies/week: (24).Mathematics: (37.5\%)Physics: (25\%)Computer Science: (20.8\%)Chemistry: (16.7\%)

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