Longman dictionary of modern English Word interpretations in Longman dictionary of modern English noun instances FROM various other ENTRIES ▪ a pro-choice paladin examples FROM corpus ▪ as the paladin approached, however, the woman appeared undeniably solid and real. ▪ he was among the very few left that the Bruce"s close company, also if no paladin . ▪ In short,...

The Collaborative worldwide Dictionary Word definitions in The collaborative International thesaurus Paladin Pal"a*din, n. A knight-errant; a differentiated champion; as, the paladins the Charlemagne. --Sir W. Scott.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary n. 1 A heroic champion (especially a knightly one). 2 A defender or advocate of a noble cause. (A defender of faith). 3 any of the twelve Companions of the court of Emperor Charlemagne.

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word meanings in Douglas Harper"s Etymology dictionary 1590s, "one of the 12 knights in attendance top top Charlemagne," from middle French paladin "a warrior" (16c.), native Italian paladino , from Latin palatinus "palace official;" noun use of palatinus "of the palace" (see palace ). The Old French kind of the...

WordNet Word interpretations in WordNet n. Someone that fights because that a cause

Wikipedia Word interpretations in Wikipedia The Paladin or Templar or Crusader is a character course in Dungeons & dragon (D&D) and many later on computer and pen and document role-playing games - many of i beg your pardon were influenced by D&D. The course is based upon the character of Holger Carlsen, who is a version...

consumption examples that paladin.

There was an additional with them, an old guy Daile did no recognize, but by the scales of justice engraved ~ above the hilt of his sword, she knew the to it is in a venerable paladin.

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These paladins reduced down my Solaks favor ripe grain, but Marczali and one that his companions fell--almost at my feet.

From the beginning of the Dreyfus instance to the end of it all France, except a couple of dozen ethical paladins, lay under the smother the the silent-assertion lie the no wrong to be being excellent to a persecuted and also unoffending man.

Another different is to accept the proposal that the Paladin Corporation to take end supervision the the contract granted come the Merryman Corporation.

I invested my afternoons through the paladin playing tressette one Italian game of which he was very fond, and also which ns played well enough for the paladin to choose to have actually me together a partner.

Dismounting Soja in front of the large tent, she looked roughly for any type of of the larger paladins.

Paladin whom us knighted at Devlen that was to be presented, and here she bringest this old man.

The crowd of silken cosmopolites had actually paused on the edge of riot: there was a paladin amongst them.

Farhrooq to indicate obliquelywhenever and also if ever the time is ripe, that coursethat I can be most generous come a multitalented paladin who chose to offer me and this sultanate.

I was a girl: the knights, the paladins, the songs and music, training every day with warriors known almost everywhere the Eight Kingdoms.

Once the god themselves made decision paladins, made decision them from amongst those mortals who desired good and would risk all peril to gain it.

The gifts which all expect paladins to have actually were given by the gods, some to one, and also some come another, as they thrived into your powers.

I offered to wonder how the paladins of Gird could be taken into consideration protectors that the helpless once they had never been helpless.

And the Marshal-General, 2 paladins, and also an elf do the efforts to reduced that evil from within.

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They room somewhat like those paladins have, however I never ever finished the training and took vows.