A)A rock has actually an orderly, repetitive, geometrical, internal arrangement of minerals;a mineral is a lithified or consolidated aggregate of rocks.

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B)A mineral consists of atom arranged in a geometrically repetitive structure;in a rock, the atoms are randomly external inspection without any type of geometric pattern.
C)In a mineral, atoms space bonded in a regular, repetitive, internal structure; arock is a lithified or consolidated accumulation of mineral grains.
D)A rock is composed of atoms bonded in a regular, geometrically predictablearrangement; a mineral is a consolidated aggregate of absent particles.

8)In a cooling magma written of silicon, oxygen, aluminum, potassium, hydrogen,calcium, and sodium atoms, i m sorry of the adhering to silicate minerals would certainly beimpossible come crystallize?
13)Imagine you room handed a mineral sample. The breaks v a conchoidal fracture,but displays no cleavage. The does no react v hydrochloric acid, is a lightpink color, and has a nonmetallic luster. That is harder than a streak plate, andhas a particular gravity that 2.65. What mineral is it?
17)Due to the plan of weaker bond in their decision lattice, the tendencyof certain minerals to break follow me smooth, parallel planes is recognized as________.
19)Three of the complying with ARE true because that minerals. Which among the adhering to is NOTtrue for minerals?

Bothof the samples pictured right here are examples of the mineral pyrite. The physicalproperty that sets them apart is ________.
24)A cubic centimeter each of quartz, olivine, and also native gold sweet 2.5, 3.0, and19.8 grams respectively. This shows that ________.
12)The physical residential or commercial property denoting a mineral"s propensity to crack along parallel,planar surfaces is recognized as cleavage.
13)The smallest fragment of matter that exhibits and also defines the distinctivechemical qualities of an individual aspect is a neutron.
2)Synthetically do glass and also natural quartz crystals both exhibit a fracturepattern termed ________.
3)To test whether a rock sample includes any kind of of the mineral calcite, girlfriend shouldperform the ________ test.

Usethe accompanying figure of the Mohs scale of hardness to answer this question.If you have actually a mineral sample the is capable of scratching a penny but isscratched by a cable nail, its hardness need to be ________.
6)Common minerals the exhibit a single plane that cleavage space the micas. Anexample of a mica is ________.
7)Some minerals screen the physical property recognized as "cleavage"because bond in some orientations in ~ the mineral crystal room ________ thanbonds in other orientations.
8)Atoms of different facets can "stick together" (making compounds)via electrons share or trading arrangements referred to as ________.
10)Two feldspar samples room placed prior to you. Sample A is gray and also showsstriations top top its surface, and also Sample B is pink-colored, choose fresh salmon.Sample A have to be ________ and also Sample B is likely to be ________.
B)an item that is solid like a mineral, has actually definite chemistry composition, andshows distinctive physical properties, yet is not normally occurring.
C)a silicate mineral which has actually silicon-oxygen tetrahedra bonded in single-chainedformation in addition to iron or magnesium atoms.
E)an item the is solid like a mineral, has definite chemical composition, andshows distinctive physical properties, however does not have an orderly crystallinestructure.
F)a mineral in the carbonate family; mirroring three planes of cleavage and afizzing reaction come hydrochloric acid.
H)silicate mineral consisting exclusively of silicon and also oxygen, v silicon-oxygentetrahedra bonded in a complicated three-dimensional network.

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1)Which elements are most typical in the Earth"s crust? What sorts of mineral (i.e.,specific families) an outcome from these an especially common elements? What sortsof rocks are most typical in the crust together a result?
Answer: The most common aspects are oxygen, silicon,aluminum, sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. The most usual mineralsthat an outcome from these facets are silicate minerals, consisting of olivines,pyroxenes, amphiboles, micas, feldspars, and also quartz. As a consequence, rocksmade of this minerals, such together basalt, granite, schist, and also quartz sandstone,are really common in the crust.