But are we really gonna let the slide for stealing Aaron Hall’s whole entire swag in the at an early stage 90s?


Aaron Hall, when You need Me, 1993


R. Kelly, Sex Me, 1993


Two sex-obsessed bald dudes through the exact same look and comparable sound who branched the end to walk solo in ~ the exact same time? no a coincidence. However while one walk on to reap unprecedented success, the other didn’t live up to potential.

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What ever before happened come Aaron Hall?

Get your popcorn, this bout to be a long, messy story. Strap in.

The story of Aaron Hall in reality starts with Guy.


Andddddd there’s a reference only four of you will certainly get. Congratulations.

Guy was created in the so late 1980s in Harlem once childhood friends Teddy Riley and also Timmy Gatling decided to team up. The pair previously had functioned with the band children at Work and also knew there was chemistry there. Eventually they to be joined through Bronx native Aaron Hall, who had functioned with Gatling at the department store Abraham & Straus.

Manager Gene Griffin presented the trio to Andre Harrell, that signed castle to Uptown Records and also led to the relax of your self-titled debut in June 1988.


The trio who were signed at the time would not be the trio the would later on headline tours as the man we know and also love.

You, see Aaron room and Gatling wound up not obtaining along very well during the record process.

As you’ll soon learn, mine dude Aaron has actually a knack for pissing people off.

Gatling would be replace by Aaron’s brothers Damion Hall, officially solidifying the trio. Oh, and don’t problem too much around Gatling – he’d fall his own album a year later and also go on to pen several 90s his, including “Promises, Promises” for Christopher Williams and “When will certainly I see You laugh Again?” for Bell Biv DeVoe. The bag was firmly secured.


Meanwhile, guy would go on to end up being the architects of the brand-new Jack swing sound. They don’t get practically enough credit today for helping to shape one of R&B’s most specifying eras. Their 1988 debut would go double platinum and their sophomore effort, The Future, would see platinum success together well.

And look at this roster of hits – “Groove Me,” “Teddy’s Jam,” “I Like,” “Wanna acquire With U,” “Let’s Chill,” “Do Me Right” and “D-O-G Me Out” to be all top 10 R&B hits.

Your current fave could never.


Ironically, after the success of The Future, the future was looking mighty cold for Guy.

…I’ll view myself out.

Actually, in this instance it to be the team that decided to bounce. After issues through their manager Griffin, the guys decided to walk their different ways, with Teddy proceeding to develop his resume as one of R&B’s GOAT producers and Damion dropping his own album, Straight come the Point in 1994.

And Aaron? Well, he’s the factor why you’re here, right?


By 1992, Aaron was currently an developed name. However after “Don’t it is in Afraid” dropped, he to be no longer “that male from, uh, Guy.” He was his own man.

The solitary would it is in featured top top the Juice soundtrack and an excellent LORD this tune was everywhere in ’92. The didn’t take lengthy for it come rocket come the optimal of the R&B charts, officially do Aaron a solo star.


The success of “Don’t it is in Afraid” result in 1993’s The Truth, Aaron’s debut LP, which of course included his breakout hit together well. “Get A little Freaky through Me” and also “When You need Me” to be moderate follow-ups, leaning ~ above Hall’s “Nasty Man” persona native the male days, however they all paled in comparison come THIS, the SADDEST VIDEO OF every TIME:

“Every time i lay in ~ night, all I perform is cry/I perform LOVE girlfriend BAY BAY”


Want to make this song also sadder? native is the the video clip was influenced by Aaron’s young son, who passed away soon after bear in 1994.

If friend aren’t shedding tears her heart ain’t nothing yet a pile of dried up Triscuits and also your soul got an eviction notice. “I miss out on You” came to be one that the best songs the its era, Aaron’s signature hit and reached No. 2 on the R&B charts.


After security a few years wrestling v legal problem – more on that later – Aaron changed in 1998 with his sophomore release, Inside the You. As result of it landing near the end of 1998, a year I’ve labeling as one of the most essential in hip-hop and R&B history, the was quickly overshadowed by an ext high file releases. But the album to be pretty solid, and also the lead single, “All the areas (I will Kiss You),” tho goes. It ended up being a height 10 R&B hit. Still, the wasn’t sufficient to offer the album sufficient juice, as it fail to match the buzz the Aaron’s beforehand ’90s success.


Things would quickly look up for Aaron a year later, as soon as the hall brothers would finally reunite with Teddy Riley because that one an ext shot in ~ glory. Guy III to reduce in 1999 with the lead solitary “Dancin.” Personally, i wasn’t a pan of this one earlier then, nor was i a pan of their black Matrix watch in the video. But after revisiting it for this post I gotta recognize it’s pretty catchy.

Shocking reality for R&B pan – “Dancin” became Guy’s greatest crossover hit, climbing to No. 19 top top the popular music charts. Nope, not “I Like” or “Let’s Chill.” “Dancin"” is your biggest case to pop fame. Life is weird.

Unfortunately, “Dancin"” had the radio hype but didn’t get those cash it is registered ringing. Guy III underperformed and once again, guy was however a memory.



In 2004, Aaron tried one more shot at glory. Declaring that “I’m not a slave anymore” come his former MCA deal, he launched his very own label Head begin Music Group and dropped his 3rd solo LP, Adults Only: The final Album the adhering to year. Currently I know this album gets a lot of love indigenous Aaron and also Guy stans, but I’m sorry, this ain’t it, chief. Aaron quiet sounded pretty good but the writing and also production were not up to the requirements of former releases. Ns mean, also the album cover look at like one of those club fliers civilization stick under her car’s wiper blades. Adults Only right registered as a blip on R&B’s radar.

And five yeah, mental how Aaron declared Adults Only would be his last album? Well, scrape THAT because he plan to try it again. Sounding prefer a Marvel movie villain, Aaron proclaimed that due to the absence of respect from peers and labels, he would return under a completely new persona to release new music and get the respect he deserved.

The surname of this persona? I boy you no – E. Kane.



The propose project, E. Kane the O.G., accused would function him to sing over hip-hop beats. That never saw the light of day (WHEW), through Aaron rather spending the next couple of years v trying to get a man reunion off the ground. Sadly, things constantly seemed to fall apart just when lock were getting traction and we quiet haven’t acquired that reunion that has been teased for practically a decade now.

In the meantime, Aaron exit “Aaron Hall’s Dog Rehab,” a monster reality show where he served as some kind of dog whisperer. Sounds like just the type of weirdness Vh1 would have actually picked increase in 2009 to air between ns Love brand-new York and also Megan wants A Millionaire.

These days, he’s still fairly active on facebook (or, at least, his society media team is) yet no native of a brand-new album yet. Y’all will just need to keep uplifting prayers for the E. Kane trap album.

Wellllll, playas, here’s the component of the story I’ve kinda to be avoiding. Y’all recognize I shot my best to remain away indigenous the tabloid gossip in this posts. Y’all can inspect those other website for that foolishness. Yet there’s no means I deserve to tell Aaron’s story without informing … sigh, THOSE stories.

If friend think chris Brown n’ dem have actually a the majority of controversy, playa please, Aaron room is the original R&B Drama King.

Remember those legit troubles ns mentioned earlier that slowed his career? In 1996, room pleaded guilty to attack for attacking his ex-girlfriend, and was sentenced to 5 years the probation. A couple of years later he to be ordered come undergo 2 years the anger management training yet when that failed to present up for among the sessions (with Aaron claiming he was delayed while travel to angry the birth of his son) he wound up serving 11 months in Rikers Island.

And then, over there is THIS interview

In 2014, Aaron satellite down with Vlad TV interview and LOST HIS mind in one of the most well known viral vids of every time, calling Teddy Riley a “square n***a”; boasting about his “historical d***” and also how anyone from Puffy to Jodeci has actually seen that in action; and probably most infamously, bragging around how easily that bedded video vixen Gloria Velez, claiming he just “grabbed her hand, walk upstairs and also f***ed her,” also saying the she was so enamored that she tatted his name over her vagina 3 days later.

Can girlfriend IMAGINE if this point dropped in today’s Twitter climate?!


Gloria wasn’t having it.

Velez, who offered birth to Aaron’s kid Aaron IV at age 17, clapped back, accusing the of abuse and also labeling him as a deadbeat dad who has actually never added to the care of their child. Hall, the course, has actually denied the abuse and says all attempts at boy support to be turned down.

Gloria was so pissed the she hit the studio because that a diss track!

WROTE A SONG about IT. Favor TO hear IT? here IT GO.

The most damaging shot was Gloria basically calling Aaron a pedophile for seducing her at 16 once he remained in his 30s. Lord, R. Kelly already stole the man’s look, now he’s stealing Aaron’s dating habits.

Get bet on the line – we require that three-night guy biopic ASAP.

Should he Come Back?: Considering the existing surge of R&B nostalgia going on, I’m i was sure a man reunion would certainly do big business. Teddy’s still acquired the magic touch and interest will certainly be there. However as a solo act, Aaron’s days might be done. The early years of his solo run were very promising yet he simply couldn’t outrun his demons. And also lord to know the think pieces would certainly chew the to pieces if he tried any of his antics today.

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Aaron, do amends v Teddy but PLEASE stay away native Vlad TV interviews.

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