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When I turn on the air in mine jeep the AC/Heat just comes the end of the defrost vents at the bottom that the windshield no issue where I collection the directional control? ns could very well be an extremely wrong yet I think it can be a vacuum problem? It appears to reset as soon as I turn off the air, wait a couple of minutes, and also then turn it back on it"s shortest blower setting. Any kind of suggestions top top the trouble or experience resolving it? I number I will have to take the dash off but once I get there I"m not sure what come look for.

vacuum trouble indeed sir ... Yes sir a white vacuum line that comes out of the firewall through the heater hoses and also ac lines map that one
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Keep the simple, I"ve had actually this same difficulty twice... Both times it was the actual move panel v the knobs. Replace it and shot that first because a.) it"s the cheapest solution, b.) it"s the easiest and quickest point to eliminate first.
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2xs.There is a vac line the runs behind the battery.It often tends to obstacle on the battery and it put a hole in it.Mine and also a few buddies all did this .If this is the problem then replace the line and also put cable conduit about it so it never happens again.I can"t think the what the really called for part reason.
I wanted to say many thanks these posts helped me uncover the mine Vacuum problem. Due to a tiny finder bender last year mine bumper gained pushed in pretty far on the passenger side. Mine cousin uncovered the canister the the vacuum line operation to over there is a panel appropriate behind the bumper that has actually the canister and also my heat popped off. Also there to be a cracked hose behind mine heater control valve we reduced off the bad part and now my air mechanism is back to normal.
I have a similar problem ,,, as soon as only functions on the highest setup no flow on the 1 2 3 just 4 ... Climate after about 5-10 mins that kicks come the defrost setting only blow air the end there....

I have actually a comparable problem ,,, when only functions on the highest setting no flow on the 1 2 3 just 4 ... Then after around 5-10 mins it kicks to the defrost setup only punch air out there....
If it"s just working on setup 4, and also NOT on 1/2/3 climate you must replace your Blower motor Resistor. If it"s working on 1/2/3 for a little while, and also it varies how tough the wait comes the end of the vents, then the Blower engine Resistor is ~ above its method out, and also you should just replace it.Either way, ns would begin by instead of the Blower engine Resistor. It"s a VERY basic fix, and the part actually doesn"t cost too lot - also if you acquire it indigenous the dealership (surprise surprise!). Over there is a an excellent write-up in the Tech write-ups section.
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Thanks because that the advice, fortunately is was as basic as a damaged vacuum line. I put a plastic lid on it because that a while but it kept gaining blown turn off so duct tape seems to work-related reasonably well. I know that line is claimed to hook right into something, simply not sure where or what. Thank you every for your responses!
I seem to have the same problem, I have an 04 jeep grand cherokee...the ac/heat just comes the end from the defrost vent. I"m assuming it could be something v the vacuum line? I already tried instead of the blower resistor and also the actual control box where the manage knobs because that the a/c are. One thing though, where would I uncover my vacuum line. If anyone has actually a video clip or a snapshot that would help, I"m no so an excellent when it pertains to verbal descriptions. Thanks!!!
Vacuum line goes v the firewall by the heater hoses. The is likely your vac reservoir is cracked or disconnected.
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When I revolve on the air in mine jeep the AC/Heat just comes out of the defrost vents at the bottom of the windshield no issue where I set the directional control? i could really well be really wrong but I think it could be a vacuum problem? It seems to reset when I turn off the air, wait a few minutes, and also then turn it back on it"s shortest blower setting. Any type of suggestions ~ above the difficulty or experience fixing it? I figure I will have to take the dash off yet once I gain there I"m not certain what come look for.

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I have actually a "98 jeep Cherokee and also had the exact same trouble you mentioned. A few posts down stating a feasible vacuum leak helped me solve the problem. I found a vacuum hose the ran under the battery to a canister behind the bumper. Turns out the hose wasn"t connected. I simply used some electrical tape come close off the hose and the a/c now works precisely as it should. I didn"t reconnect to the canister due to the fact that it looks damaged however this quick fix addressed my problem. Ns hope this fixes her problem since I to be worried i was walking to have to dismantle the dash and also I"m grateful I didn"t have actually too. Come those of you who already mentioned this solution, say thanks to YOU!!
Hey guys. I view this is a an extremely old thread. I recently bought a 1999 xj and all was fine until today as soon as I proficient the exact same issue. Mine is best hand drive so mine vacuum party is ~ above the left under the front bumper. Does this vacuum pipe run across the radiator or up follow me the fender to the fire wall?Duster Jack AG0029
usually there is a line the comes out by the heater core, its a tiny vacuum line, at the very least thats where it was once i essential to deal with mine but mine was a black color line
Was that wherein is leaked? I confirm it this evening and was able to trace it appropriate up come the fire wall. To be surprised to watch how numerous vacuum lines there are. Duster Jack AG0029
Yes but it usually has an issue somewhere in engine bay. No under the dash. I simply made a brand-new line that attached to the one within of the engine bay and ran it end to an intake port the wasn"t gift used
Thank you really much because that the help. I"ll check out what i can uncover tomorrow in the work light. Lot appreciated. Duster Jack AG0029
Thanks allot. I uncovered a loose vacuum pipe beside the entry manifold in engine bay. Sorted thanks allot Duster Jack AG0029
I"m having actually this very same problem along with the blower only blowing ~ above high. I"ve looked for the vacuum heat going v the firewall in ~ the heater core hoses and also there isn"t one. There is one that runs from the entry manifold all the means around to the cruise control and then to the front end. Any type of other suggestions?
There have to be a vacuum canister ~ above the passenger next in the front of the engine bay. Make sure there space vacuum lines hooked as much as it.
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