Read around All4tubekids, the wonderful family members of vloggers who has endeared the civilization with your funny prank videos and their climb to YouTube success.

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It’s not everyday that we function a group of human being here ~ above This short article features an entire family the YouTubers. Jointly known together the All4tubekids, this charming family has preserved a big fanbase with their curious niche videos, generally featuring pranks and also killer clowns. Yes, killer clowns. If you desire to know much more about this quirky bunch, review below. 

Quick Facts

Full NameAll4tubekids
Real NamesRoland, Brittany, Brianna and Katelynn Pellegrino
BirthdateDecember 18, 1971
Current Age48 years old
Birth PlaceNew Jersey
Current ResidenceUnited States
EthnicityCaucasian, Italian
Eye ColorBlue
Marital StatusUnverified
Relationship StatusSingle
Is All4tubekids Gay?There are no mentions of any of the All4tubekids being gay. 
ProfessionYouTubers, Musicians, Entrepreneurs
Net WorthApprox. US$ 2 Million
Social Media PresenceInstagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
Instagram Page
Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:
Films he has actually been in:None
Music All4tubekids have actually not released any music
ParentsRoland Pellegrino
SiblingsBrianna, Brittany, Katelynn, 2 unnamed embraced childre


Who is All4tubekids?

All4tubekids is a family vlog own by Roland Pellegrino and his 3 daughters Brittany, Brianna, and Katelynn. Roland describes the channel as a “safe and fun location for parents and children from anywhere”. They mainly produce family reality videos, safe family members pranks, comedy videos because that kids, skits, and also challenges. In 2016, they had a breakthrough with a video clip called “Scary Killer Clown uncovered in the Woods – Girl fear Running” The channel is now well-known as All4tube Vlogs.

All4tubekids’s early Life

Roland was teaching in publicly schools and also running his very own online service when he launched the All4TubeKids channel. After ~ a couple of months ~ he produced Alltube4kids, that then introduced a website the the exact same name. If the YouTube channel shows house videos of him and his children, the website, however, seemed to run as a database that talent agencies across the United states to aid aspiring young actors to get their TV breaks. 

All4tubekids’ Dad

Roland Pellegrino was born in new Jersey. He relocated to Virginia in 1991. He enjoys volunteering at his regional church, at youth groups, and at schools. Roland started vlogging as beforehand as 1997. In his early on videos, that usually shows up in a persona the calls “The Italian guy from new Jersey”, which is reminiscent of Italian mob bosses in gangster movies. 

Before he created All4tubekids, he started posting videos ~ above Youtube v his channel dubbed UptoSpeedMedia, developed in July 2007. In his summary for the channel, the says, “Just a busy solitary father working more than one job and also still finding time making a video by myself with my camera… If friend like automobile videos and content around Corvettes and consumer electronics then you discovered the best place. I produce a range of fact based videos sharing what I carry out at work or when I have actually time or money to go on vacation. I also share videos on healthy foods and also exercising and also keep you updated ~ above my current health.”

Why is All4tubekids famous? 

The channel attributes the everyday lives the the single father, special his daughters Brittany, Brianna, and Katelynn. Brittany is his earliest daughter, adhered to by Brianna and also finally Katelynn. The channel has amassed end 2.7 million subscribers. Their YouTube channel attributes reality videos, pranks, skits and also challenges in enhancement to scarier content intended because that older viewers. The most-watched videos attribute the youngsters of the channel swimming and videos featuring a “killer clown.”

Their video clip “Scary Killer Clown found in the Woods – Girl fear Running” came to be their breakthrough content which earned lock 1.1 million subscribers in November 2016. Several of the more popular videos top top the All4TubeKids channel function Justin Bieber, despite Bieber doesn’t really appear in the videos. One instance being “Justin Bieber Crying when Singing under to planet on stage in Cincinnati.”


All4tubekids’ Killer Clown videos

In 2016, countless clown sightings to be reported in the united States, Canada, and also subsequently in other countries and territories. The sightings began to occur around August 2016, wherein reports explain encounters with world disguised as evil clowns in bizarre settings, such as near forests and schools. The very first sightings to be reported in eco-friendly Bay, Wisconsin in what turned out to it is in a marketing stunt because that a horror film. Through mid-October 2016, many clown sightings and attacks had been report in practically every U.S. State, 9 provinces and also territories that Canada, and also 18 other countries.

Alltube4kids exit a video clip in October 2016 called “Scary Killer Clown found in the Woods – Girl fear Running”. The video shows Roland and also his daughter Brianna investigate the woods close to their farm, wherein there to be alleged reports the a clown sighting. Together they walk into the woods, they watch an abandoned tree house, and eventually the clown, which jumps the end of the grass and attacks them. They struggle the clown off and they run to their house. The family members has open admitted that the entire video was staged yet they tho upload contents featuring the killer clown harassing the family members in various ways.

What is the All4tubekids Family’s Last Name?

While they have seemed to have strictly excluded stating their family name in their videos and also social media posts, enlarge videos it seems to be ~ to allude out that their last surname is Pellegrino. Pellegrino is an Italian family name which way “pilgrim”. Roland appears to it is in of Italian descent, gift a aboriginal of brand-new Jersey where numerous Italian-Americans reside.

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What happened to All4tubekids’ Mom?

The family members does no seem to discuss the status of the Mom. The critical vague cite of the family’s mom was in 2007 when Roland describes on his website that him gift married, whereas currently he is a solitary parent. 

Where do All4tubekids live?

There space no mentions of wherein the All4tubekids right now live. The household keeps their an individual lives private despite being well-known YouTube creators. Roland has addressed this and this is the factor why that no much longer shows videos the him and his younger children. 

What is All4tubekids’ Instagram?

The family members has had several Instagram accounts. The look at official household Instagram account is
all4tubekids_. Brianna’s Instagram account is
_briannarosee_. Roland’s Instagram account is


What is All4tubekids’s net worth? just how does he do money? 

Estimated network Worth in 2020US$ 2 Million
How lot did All4tubekids earn critical year (2019)?US$ 2 Million
What are All4tubekids’s revenue sources?YouTube ads, product placements, businesses 
How lot does All4tubekids earn from YouTube ads?US$ 1 Million
How lot does All4tubekids knife from their businesses?US$ 1 Million

All4tubekids’s house, assets, and lifestyle

In the videos, the family members is presented to live in a large house through a broad farm property. Roland is likewise shown control a corvette and also has freshly purchased a Tesla design 3.