I put on order for something that remained in stock top top Feb 29. Quiet hasn"t shipped and also shows preparing. Never seen the before. I was surprised that they were willing to delivery it below (phone), so now maybe castle won"t?

Should i cancel????

Thank you.

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Not unusual at all. Many of what ns order is shipped very quickly however sometimes there"s a wait of a main or more. Girlfriend can always call them.



Thanks for the reassurance. What"s the number to contact them? i couldn"t find a connect to support. Thanks.


I will certainly wait for Watergut or whatever the persons name is come come here and tell all around the legalities etc. As shortly as the is done i can give you info on the genuine situation.


I have acquired the "preparing for shipment" countless times. Don"t understand why exactly yet I guess some times that takes much longer to obtain stuff shipped. Periodically several days. Only as soon as it seemed to be taking several days and I contacted them and also they actually said something was stuck to the order. Ns think that was the order where they gained it unstuck, put it on emergency shipping, (got the complimentary shipping come VI), and gave me a $10 credit transaction on following order.

You can"t call them, you need to ask them to contact you back. Or else chat or email.

Usually as soon as you have an bespeak hung up with Amazon it"s since they will host that item until they have a delivery going the same place as yours in order to conserve themselves on shipping charges. This is what was told to me as soon as when I had actually that blasted article preparing because that shipment. I wouldn"t worry unless it"s a month out specifically where you are located, mental your not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.


Mike, that may apply stateside whereby they deliver via UPS yet not right here where your deliveries come via USPS.

Taking days to "prepare for shipping" is not good service, IMO. I have been an Amazon member since 2001 and also I don"t think I"ve ever had anything organized for preparation, however I usually just order books or dvds and also not the often.

Walmart was much more expensive, yet I think I"ll try them and also see what happens.

This isn"t complicated nor a authorize of negative service. Choose every other service under the sunlight they sometimes have actually items on back order. I"ve really occasionally (rarely in fact) had actually an order organized up and if this is the very first time it"s occurred to friend in 15 years then think about yourself fortunate for having actually defied the odds.

I"ve likewise recently experienced the 3-4 job "Preparing because that shipment" instance with Amazon ~ above 3 separate orders over the last couple months. Never ever experienced the before, together I recall. On every of the orders, the items were detailed as "In stock" & obtainable for same-day shipping. Not sure what"s changed, but something is certainly different.

Every other site let"s you know in advance it"s ~ above backorder and also gives you the option to wait till it come or exclude the from her order. Ns didn"t simply start ordering item yesterday.

Glad to hear that someone else was hit through this issue for the very first time. Seems prefer Amazon can"t save up through their brand-new delivery services and inventory. Transparent they room not.

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Amazon call number is 1-888-280-4331. The information they provided me did not reflect the condition on mine account so i cancelled the order.

Now I need to start over with another vendor.