If you complied with my travels on Instagram this previous weekend then you know I saw rather a little bit of "PINK" in Charlotte, N.C. Because that Liza"s 5th birthday. In instance you haven"t heard, an American Girl store opened up at South Park Mall in mid-October.

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American Girl store at southern Park mall in Charlotte, N.C.
This is vast news because that North and South Carolina because before this save opened, southerly residents had to travel quite a ways to acquire the in-person American Girl doll experience. The closest ar was Atlanta or the Washington D.C. Area. American Girl Charlotte is the 17th save to open up in the U.S. A store in Orlando will certainly be the next store to open.I purposely waited to offer Liza an American Girl doll since as a mother who likes come travel, I believed it would be funny to make gaining a doll one event. I really believed I would certainly take she to the D.C. Area or new York because that that first time suffer in a couple of years. However, with the opening of the brand-new Charlotte keep coinciding with the timing of her fifth birthday, I determined to make the suffer sooner rather than later. Charlotte
is straightforward three-hour journey from Raleigh and even though one could do the trip in one day, I desired not to perform that.

And due to the fact that you know...I"m all about the hotels, we took the American Girl experience up a notch.We proficient the deluxe American Girl package in ~ the Renaissance Charlotte southern Park.I prefer Renaissance properties since they space boutique properties, and they have actually their very own personality v decor. Also though it"s an worldwide chain, it doesn"t have actually that cookie-cutter hotel chain feel. That aspect is essential for me once I pick a hotel experience.

The Renaissance Charlotte southern Park Hotel is so close to south Park Mall the you could practically walk if friend don"t mental lugging a bunch the American Girl Doll packages back to the hotel. Seriously, that"s how good the location of this hotel is come the mall because that shopping. However, detect a parking ar at south Park mall can be challenging, based upon what I skilled on a Saturday. I recommend splurging on valet parking because I think the would save you lots of parking headaches throughout the busy holiday season.

When you publication an American Girl package, Renaissance Charlotte south Park renders your small one feel exceptionally special. Over there is a one-of-a-kind check-in for tiny American Girl travelers. Tiny guests are available pink hot chocolate on arrival, a personalized welcome letter native the basic Manager, and also are issued keys that will open the door to their American Girl hotel experience.With the simple package, priced about $169 for weekends in Nov. And Dec., your small traveler gets the distinct check-in us received, star pink cookies and also milk ~ above arrival, a doll-sized American Girl bed to take home, and also breakfast for 4 civilization in the hotel restaurant during your stay.

With the deluxe American Girl Package, beginning rates at $194 (average cost for weekend prices in November and December will certainly be around $204 plus tax), you obtain a brighter, colorful experience.

It"s the can be fried PINK experience.Let me just say the this pink room wowed Liza, and also at one point, she asserted it was better than Disney World.Her Dad didn"t believe her, and questioned her again. She said, "the rides at Disney were really good, yet the room below was much better than Disney." The deluxe American Girl Package includes everything the simple package includes, yet consists that a an extremely pink room suffer plus a doll-sized robe and slippers come take residence in enhancement to the doll-bed.
The hotel really had fun putting this package together, and it reflects they walk the extra mile. As a take trip writer, ns am fortunate and also get come visit a most hotels, many priced method more per night 보다 this experience. Ns think the Renaissance Charlotte southern Park did an outstanding job placing this experience together. That is so worth it. I know some of you may be weighing the expense of the difference between the simple and the deluxe package, and are wonder if going every pink is precious paying extra.My prize is yes! It"s certainly nice to obtain the doll-bed,and cookies in the stay, but the pink room is what Liza is going to remember forever around this experience. Me, too, actually.
She"s never been to a hotel before with pink touches at every corner. Various other Charlotte hotels
have likewise partnered through American Girl come offer main packages. Every one varieties in price, and experience.Insider tips on the American Girl store Charlotte as the holidays approach, it"s just going to get busier in the American Girl store. It"s around the size of a huge Pottery Barn store, and also it can gain crowded quickly. We came down on lunch time and also you can barely to walk around. It did slim out about 3:00 p.m. Though.
Charlotte"s American Girl keep is situated near Macy"s, yet everyone knows that now, therefore finding a parking space near Macys is difficult.
The American Girl Store has a doll salon, therefore girls space bringing the dolls they"ve had awhile to gain their hair restyled. This method you have customers purchasing brand-new dolls and accessories and customers waiting just for salon services. Price for salon services variety from $10 to $20. The doll can additionally have spa services, which would encompass a cleaning.
The American Girl Bistro is a must-experience. The food is excellent, and I had one of the ideal burgers I"ve had actually in little bit there during a an extremely late lunch at 2:45 p.m. Customer-service is great, and also employees make certain your little one and her American Girl Doll have a exorbitant experience.
The bistro seats simply 26 people, therefore, reservations are a should on weekends, or when school is out. If you have younger kids not in school, i was told the you may be able to walk-in for lunch throughout the week. Prices space in-line with luxury chain restaurants. And if you don"t very own an American Girl Doll, don"t worry. Your kid won"t feel left out dining in the restaurant in ~ all. The bistro offers dolls for little ones to pick to dine with them while there. There is no fee for take out loan a doll come dine.
I have to honestly say the I"ve end up being an American Girl doll pan after this experience. The dolls are designed because that girls over the period of eight for this reason I"ve to be helping Liza dress Isabelle, and doing her hair. It"s still fun to play through dolls even at the age of 45.To setup your expedition to Charlotte, visit CharlottesGotAlot.
we think the city does have a lot. You can likewise book your stay with Renaissance hotels directly from mine website. Be sure to usage the promotional password Z74.

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Disclosure: This media visit remained in partnership v Visit Charlotte, Renaissance Charlotte southern Park, and also American Girl. Our new doll was courtesy of Liza"s grandmother, Ha Ha, that likes dolls as well. As with every one of my travels, opinions and also experiences room my own.
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