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Genre: Shooter, First-Person Shooter Developer: Spark limitless Publisher: work ESRB Rating: teen Release Date: November 2, 2004

On the Mission Op. Small Saturn, after beating the Stukas(recommended)turn around and also drive alongside on the ideal of therotted leafless tree. If girlfriend drove in the right place, you"ll be up thesmall ledge. You"ll view a dust road. Follow it. You"ll quickly see agigantic apple. If you drive inside it, you"ll discover a UFO.

When you gain the rifle go ago to the tunnel you came from. A captain on your team will hit you through his gun.

If there"s a tank in the way throw a sticky bomb or a mine in the method (if you have actually those 2 only! )

There space two huge towers in the oasis. One tower is the one v the spikes on optimal of it and the other one is alittle smaller with no spikes. An initial you are going to want to go to the one through the spikes on that so go too the tower up the stairs, go straight towards the last door, then when you go into the little room go to your left and also go at risk then while your prone go side ways and also you"ll go right through a wall get up and turn about you"ll watch a ladder rise up is the tiny one its the 2nd tallest tower go towards it walk up all the stairs and also when you obtain to a door on the tp go prone and also go through the door and go increase the ladder.

In the mission "Surrender at Aachen", ~ you clear the very first room that germans, there will be two places to go. One is the stairs leading to your objective, the various other is a closet v a small bear in it. When you target at the bear and you room really close, a hand signal will come up, press X and you will obtain a health and wellness packet, and a post will show up saying "The bear is adorable".

Are you tired of going out of cover to to kill a bunch of bad guys or to death that dang MG42 gunner simply to get killed by them? well look no futher since I have some information to kill those pesky Nazi Soldiers, through not coming fully out that cover. Press and also hold the L1 switch on your controller then press right or left (depending top top which method you desire to peek out of cover)you should move out of sheathe just enough to check out the enemy and kill them before they notification you"re there.

On the American tank mission as soon as you park her tank because that the 2nd time, you will be through a building with sand bags and also a barbed wire fence bring about the door. To walk on the barbed wire toward the wall surface and you will walk best through the wall and into a room. Monitor the stairs and you will uncover something that is very strange, go behind it and you will discover four medical packs.

After friend hit a tank v two shells native yourtank it will be destroyed, however shoot the againand that will damage even more.

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Beat the game on difficulty level come unlock the following:Difficulty levelCheats UnlockedEasyRicochet, big Heads, Ricochet all and Head shotsMediumSinking shots and also Dead eyeHardBig "n Small

Pause the game, then press R1, Circle, L1, Square, Circle, R1, Right, Right,Circle, Right. The game will go back to the main menu if entered correctly. The"Unlimited Ammo" alternative will currently appear.

At the level pick screen, hold Up top top controller 2 then press Start, Select,Select, Square on controller 1.