We’ve all been in the kitchen prepare a meal for ourself while our furry companions look at us through a little bit of drool coming off their lips. Dried dog food is just compacted food through supplements added, why no make them a much more filling meal the is natural and healthy for them? can you imagine eat the very same dry kibble work in and also day out while smell so numerous other delicious foodstuffs being made? that is where this recipe fits in. You have the right to actually make chicken pot pie that is healthy and balanced for her dog! preferably made together a act for her dog or a as soon as in awhile meal replacement, her dog will give thanks to you because that the different taste the food.

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Since homemade meals don’t have all of the nutrients necessary for dogs, us also add in our favorite dog supplement to the recipe. You deserve to order it virtual and shot it the end for yourself. This means they gain all the nutrient they require for your fur, teeth, skin, nails, and more.


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Your dog won’t be finding chicken pot pie out in the wild, for this reason it’s no a herbal meal because that them come eat. However, the does provide protein, carbs, oils and other nutrient to aid support their bodies. It’s likewise a nice treat and a way to display you love them!

Below are the cooking materials and also ingredients you’ll have to make this recipe as well as the directions for cooking. They are basic and have the right to be choose up for cheap at the grocery store store.

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*NOTE* If her pet is allergy to any type of of the ingredients noted below, you re welcome substitute or don’t feeding them this recipe. *

Cooking tools Needed

Rolling Pin

Coconut Oil Spray (You can always use coconut oil in room temperature)


Mixing Bowl

Sharp Knife

Cutting Board

Muffin Pan or 4 oz mason jars

8 inch round cake pan


2 cut Strips the Chicken Breast

1 Potato

1 Carrot

1 Egg

1 Bag that peas

Recommended dosage of your favorite dog supplement, we like to use Wholistic canine organic complement powder

1 1/2 Cup of rolled Oats

2 Cups Cassava source flour

1/2 Cup that Water

1/4 Cup of Coconut Oil

DirectionsIn a huge mixing bowl, mix the water, coconut oil, cracked egg, dog supplement, then mix in the flour and add the oats. It’s finest to add each ingredient one in ~ a time while mix the previous ingredient first.You’ll store stirring the mixture till you get a sticky and doughy concoction. Friend don’t want to end mix it so when you notice it end up being slightly sticky, climate it’s just right.Throw some cassava root flour on her cutting board and also knead the dough with it until it’s no longer sticky and form a ball.Wrap the dough mixture and also let that chill for 30 minutes.Pull the dough out and throw some an ext cassava root flour on her board. With a rojo pin, role out the dough until it’s around 1/8 inch thick flat.You have the right to use her muffin pan together a push or use your eye to cut our big enough dough circles. If you room using a mason jar, use the lid together a reference. The score is come have sufficient dough to cover the ingredients and fit in the muffin pan or 4 oz mason jar.Spray her jar or muffin pan with coconut oil. Cover each muffin pan or mason jar through one one dough reduced out.Dice up the carrot, chicken strips, and also potato and include them to each mason jug or muffin pan.You will have actually excess dough so heat the edges of every jar or muffin pan with any type of excess to form a peak or mini dome.Repeat this until you have all her mason jars or the muffin pan is full.Pre-heat your cooktop to 425° F.If cooking with jars, placed them in the cake pan and also place in the oven. If utilizing the muffin pan, cover and place in the oven.Cook in the cooktop for about 40 minutes. You’ll understand it’s done when the optimal is a gold crusty brown.Let cool and also serve to your dog warm.

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