Dogs are always up because that a treat, aren’t they? ever before watchful and ever hopeful, patience is your watchword. A dog will certainly sit and watch friend eat every mealtime, eyes relocating from her plate to her hands and your mouth.

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In some ways, they mentally force you to provide them a snack or even a little bit of her food. But as every dog owner knows, no all person food is an ideal for a dog; it’s frequently not really healthy for us either. One food dogs walk crazy for is crispy pork, yet can dogs eat pork rinds?

Are Pork Rinds safe For Dogs?

Pork rinds room the skin the a pig. To do them crispy, they room either deep-fried or small in the oven. Underneath the skin is a special fat layer. Periodically they can be fried with the fat still attached.

For a moment, let’s analysis what macronutrients are in pork rinds. If you buy the usual bag that pork rind snacks and also feed those to your dog (or yourself), what’s in them?

The calories In Pork Rinds

Take some pork skin, reduced it increase into small squares, exhilaration the pieces, and also then deep fry in particularly high-temperature fat (lard). This way of food preparation makes the rinds seem light and also crunchy; lock seem fairly harmless. So just how do they ridge up? Well, one ounce of pork rinds has 160 calories, and more than one-half of those calories are from fat.


Suppose us take a dog weighing 20 lbs. The average day-to-day calories because that a dog are 25 come 30 calorie per pound of weight; multiply 30 calories by 20lbs body weight will certainly equal 600 calorie daily. Two ounces the pork rinds represents much more than 50% the this dog’s full daily calorie allowance.

That doesn’t leaving many accessible calories for a well-balanced diet.

The threats Of Pork Rinds to Dogs

They room low-glycemic due to the fact that pork rinds don’t save carbohydrates, no they have fiber or sugar. Yet that one ounce we simply spoke about contains 520 milligrams of sodium. Considering the encourage maximum sodium intake for an adult is 2,300 milligrams every day, 4 ounces of pork rinds is virtually your daily limit. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, you need to alleviate your sodium intake come 1500 milligrams every day (American love Association).

The above technique for prepare pork rinds is for plain rinds only. Yet what if the bag that rinds girlfriend buy has other ingredients, such as garlic and spices?

First, garlic is toxic to dogs, and there’s never ever a good reason to feed something well-known to be harmful to a dog, not even as a one-off snack.

Many dogs have actually a challenging time with spicy foods items of any type of description. If the food is exceptionally spicy, it have the right to lead a dog come drink until he vomits. Even average spicy foods can give dogs, diarrhea, gas, and also stomach pains.

There’s likewise a hazardous disease lurking about the corner for dog fed these varieties of snacks.

And that’s pancreatitis. The ASPCA explicitly states the a diet high in sodium is dangerous for dogs and also can reason pancreatitis in pets.

Not to point out the high prices of obesity that room now occurring in our pets.

So, room pork rinds safe for dogs? us say no, lock not. Yet it’s no up to us to tell girlfriend what you can and cannot feed her dog.

What wake up If A Dog Eats Pork Rinds?

It’s very doubtful something will take place to her dog due to the fact that he ate a few pork rinds. If they are spicy or have garlic in the ingredients, part dogs may display signs that a stomach upset.

Where the trouble lies is once they space fed routinely to dogs. If you have been feeding her dog a law of pork rinds end a constant period, the might currently have built-up an overfill of salt.


When this occurs, the dog needs to redress this overfill of salt; this is excellent by body-cells releasing your water contents as a counterbalance.

But the body-cells cannot cope with such water loss, and also the dog can have serious wellness issues. Because that example, seizures, kidney disease, severe dehydration, even the dog’s mind cells may die. All of this is very dangerous to a dog. For more information around this, visit the AKC website.

Can dogs Eat Pork Scratchings?

You may have heard that this term before and also wonder what sort of pork is this? it’s what the British contact pork rinds. Yes sir no distinction in the product. So whatever we’ve discussed about pork rinds holds v pork scratchings.

Can dogs Eat Pork Crackling?

Generally, pork crackling is the pig’s skin left top top a pork meat joint and also baked in an oven.

The skin i do not care hard and crispy, thus the surname crackling.

While baking is a healthier option than frying, the will count on including herbs, spices, and seasoning.

Homemade Pork Rinds For your Dog

At the very least with this method, you have finish control of just how you prepare and cook the rinds. The course, girlfriend won’t add in extra salt, however remember, the skins have plenty of herbal salt in them.

They are also for snacking treats, for this reason remember the 10% rule. Only give 10% of a dog’s complete daily calories together treats.


Whatever guise they may be in, they space still not a healthy and balanced snack. So too much moderation is essential.

In reality, it doesn’t issue to the dog as lengthy as he gets a treat. It could be pork rinds or something healthy for him. The bottom line is-it’s a snack because that the dog. It’s only our guilty feelings around snacking and not handing end a tiny bit for our dogs.

In Conclusion

As a responsible pet parent, we understand you room careful about what friend feed her dog. The last thing you desire is to reason him any harm. The guilt us feel if we have been the cause of disease is unbearable.

But dogs have actually a superpower, and that’s a knack because that making us feel guilty as soon as we nothing share a snack, specifically one the smells so an excellent as pork rinds or crackling come the dog.

But you recognize you require self-discipline, don’t you? her dog counts on this because that his ongoing great health. He no think he does, however we recognize different.


As a kid, I thrived up with numerous dogs in my family. My earliest recollection was a Labrador mix referred to as Bruce, and also I must have actually only been around three years old.

When ns was approximately seven, we began to move roughly frequently, so having a dog to be very complicated until we embraced a baby long-haired Dachshund. Ns was thirteen through then. We referred to as him Pepe; I have no idea why; all I can say to be it wasn’t mine idea. However he walk seem to thrive into the name.

I’ve personally to be the parent of a an excellent Dane referred to as Lady, a French Bulldog we referred to as Spike. I have likewise had the privilege of being the parental of among the gorgeous cat on the planet; a brother Blue Shorthair referred to as Ellie. Appropriate now, we have actually an amazing tiny Havanese in our family; we contact Biscuit; he’s four years old.

I proud myself on gift the really best dog-parent I can be. I refuse to lug a dog into my life without investing as much time as feasible to recognize that dog’s particular needs. Every dog I have actually parented has actually been one experience, and they space all various with tremendous personalities.

To recognize dogs as much as possible, I have actually taken number of courses regarding dog care and training. The many recent food is The Truth about Cats and also Dogs, available by The college Of Edinburgh.

My dogs and also cat have been the funniest and also most unique pets I have ever before been privileged to spend my life with. They deserve to teach humans so much if us take the time to watch and also listen to them. My ambition is to share what I have actually learned with other passionate dog lovers.

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I to be obsessed through writing and researching every little thing I can about dog health, care, psychology, and also finding the finest dog products easily accessible to aid ensure a dog’s life is as happy and also contented together possible.