How much do us know around turkey vision?

My first time turkey hunting I to be sitting in a remote in the middle of a field in between my dad and also my uncle. Peering the end from the tiny fabric hut, i was easing the barrel that the shotgun out with the small opening.

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"Don"t move, he"s looking," my dad whispered.

All ns knew climate was the wild turkeys have really good eyesight. Therefore I hosted my breath and also didn"t also move my eye for fear the gobbler would check out me. Later I would certainly wonder how he could see the tiniest movement from throughout a field, however didn"t seem to notice the blind or the pipe smoke coming the end the optimal of it.

Birds, in general, have actually a good reputation for vision. We"ve most likely all heard the expression "eyes prefer a hawk" provided to define someone v sharp eyesight. And an owl proves its significant night vision as soon as it picks up a mouse in key darkness. But what about turkeys? exactly how much execute we know around turkey vision?

When that gobbler looked in ours direction, what to be he actually seeing?


Turkeys seeing in color additionally creates another problem. Won"t my blaze orange stick out like a ill thumb?

It"s possible, yet many prey pets focus more on trends than color. Vision is a complex system, and eye structure only makes up half of it. The method the mind translates those signals makes a huge difference.

A turkey doesn"t necessarily see a point out of orange and also think "Aha! There"s a bunch the turkey hunters!" (even if that feels prefer that sometimes) specifically if castle see other things in nature that are orange the they don"t see as a threat, choose tiger lilies or fall foliage.

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Differences in pattern and also movement space usually what signal come a turkey that there is a herbal predator nearby, for this reason that"s what your brains space geared toward detecting.