Maybe girlfriend forgot to wear her earrings a couple of too many times or simply chose not to, but now you"re having 2nd thoughts and are wonder if you have the right to re-pierce your ears to open up the original hole. After ~ all, clip-ons and magnetic earrings deserve to be uncomfortable once worn for more than a few hours in ~ a time. V the help of a professional, you deserve to open up your pre-existing ear piercings without any scarring or new holes in your ear.

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If you grab the section of her ear where the original piercing was located, you should hopefully have the ability to feel a tiny knot wherein the old feet was. This likely way that the surface has actually closed, but the tunnel in the facility of her ear still exists from the an initial time you got your ear pierced. Carry out yourself a favor and also do no — i repeat execute not — rotate to YouTube or any type of other Internet resource for DIY advice on exactly how to re-pierce the feet yourself. Because that starters, it"s very hard to check out the hole on her own and also, you danger creating more scar organization if you execute it incorrectly.

However, if you have actually a hole the closed up recently due to too many days of forget to placed in your earrings, girlfriend may have the ability to gently push your earrings with if you perform it slowly and gently. If you"re feeling choose you"re unable to obtain the earring in on your very own without pain, you must make one appointment with a piercing shop or your physician to have actually them aid you.

If friend are at this time in this situation and wondering what come do, right here are a few tips.

If You have actually A newly Closed Piercing...


For those of girlfriend who just forgot to placed your earrings in the last few days, luckily the shouldn"t be hard to re-open the piercing. Possibilities are, you have a thin layer that skin clogging the initial hole. Be certain to wash your hands and properly sterilize the area and the earring your space trying to put in prior to you put your jewels back on. Then, tenderness wiggle the earring in. If you suffer pain, don"t force it — it may be a sign that your doctor or salon need to be law the work!

If your Piercing Is reasonably New, however Closed due to Complications..


If you had actually your ear pierced in the last six months and experienced a reaction to the steel in her earring or another reaction that caused the closure of the original piercing, it"s probably finest to check out a professional about re-piercing.

If You have An Old Piercing You"d favor To Re-Open...

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If your piercing is enlarge than six months, you have to see a professional to re-open the tunnel. When lengthy periods that time have actually passed since the initial piercing, you might be dealing with an ext than simply a thin layer the skin over the initial hole.

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