Indicating "lemon and also orange" is a merged flavor, as an object in the perform needing one initial and.

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I deserve to use one and and another and, and still one more and. I can use countless ands in the very same sentence, and so can you. And also on and on and on.

I might hyphenate lemon-and-orange ice cream, though, in your details case.


You deserve to repeat and as often as you prefer if girlfriend think it conveys your meaning. Over there is no preeminence of grammar that borders its use. The place of a comma after vanilla provides all the difference. There is no it, the sentence leaves open the opportunity that your preference is not for lemon and also orange ice cream cream, but for vanilla and lemon ice cream cream.


The sentence is correct together written and also does indicate that lemon and also orange is to it is in treated as unit similar to chocolate. Yet it may be unclear to some readers, and also resists being check out quickly.

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You could want to take into consideration using lemon-orange to explain the flavor. That is unabiguous and scans quickly and easily.


You certainly can use "and" an ext than as soon as in a sentence, but in this situation I would think about rewording it somehow instead. Ns would definitely not usage an ampersand. Actually, i think removing the 2nd "and" would make the meaning much clearer. Try: "I favor chocolate, vanilla and also lemon-orange ice cream cream."

The basic guidance is that the combinations space the first element and have a noun. The second, separate, facet has a recurring noun:

A: "What ice cream cream do you like?"

B: "I choose lemon and also orange ice cream cream, and also chocolate ice cream and vanilla."

I favor "and" when connecting clauses and also an ampersand when connecting miscellaneous within the clause.For instance "I like chocolate, vanilla, and also lemon & orange, ice cream cream."

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