my brother lost his 3DS and his super smash bros game together with it, so he is obviously nice mad. He has actually a couple other games also that he has actually data for (physical copies, no bought native the E shop) and also he is really scared the if the buys a new model the the brand-new 3DS and puts his game in that wont store his characters. We just need to know if he can still beat his old 3DS games on a new, new 3DS without a device transfer.

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It counts on the game.

Any game that you have a physics copy that isn"t bound to her device. It deserve to be play on any kind of 3DS, regardless. If friend bought a game on the E-Shop, it"s tied to her Nintendo ID/account.

However, some games store their conserve data on the actual machine (ex: Mario Kart 7), while other lungemine.coms store video game data top top the cartridge itself (ex: any kind of Pokemon game). A system transfer is compelled for any type of save data the was save on the 3DS SD card in stimulate to reclaim that saved data.


Yes! mine aunt dram Pokémon Moon on her brand-new 3DS XL and it works just fine! Usually, the details of the video game isn"t placed on the SD Card. Pokémon game cartridges have the players" progression on the cartridge. It"s like how us 3DS individuals were able come play DS games.


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