Richard Roberts is no a new name in the human being of evangelism. The is the chief executive officer and also president of dental Roberts Evangelistic association (OREA). Since its establishment, the ministry has actually helped countless people throughout the world. As a result, many people would love come learn an ext about him and also his church.

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Richard Roberts’ bio

He was born top top 12th November 1948 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the US. His parents are the late evangelist Granville oral (father) and also Evelyn Lutman Roberts (mother). Her deceased mother was a schoolteacher.

The televangelist was raised alongside his three siblings. He is the third born in his family. The name of his siblings space Rebecca Ann (elder sister), Ronald David (elder brother), and also Roberta Jean Potts (younger sister).

Sadly, 2 of his siblings space late. He lost his elder sister in a plane crash in 1977. Top top the other hand, Ronald David lungemine.commmitted suicide in 1982.

How old is Richard Roberts?

Richard Roberts' age is 73 years together of 2021. He celebrates his birthday on the 12th of November.

Ministry work

Richard is the host of The location for Miracles: her Hour that Healing. Photo:
theplaceformiraclesSource: Facebook

At the moment of writing, he has actually been ministering for approximately four decades. The 73-year-old has been part of the dental Roberts Evangelistic Association because 1980. The Tulsa-based to adjust was developed by his late father.


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Even under his absence, the ministry has actually grown to reach a broader audience v his son. In addition, the lungemine.comuple has actually lungemine.comme increase with other fresh principles that have seen it thrive to unimaginable heights. Currently, the lungemine.comuple has a television present titled The location for Miracles: her Hour the Healing.

They hold the half-hour daily interactive broadcast. Overall, Richard Roberts' TV show is widely recognized for physical, mental, emotional, financial, and also spiritual healings. Through 2018, Richard Roberts' healing ministry v the program had actually received much more than 150,000 testimonies.

Currently, that is the chairman and CEO of OREA. Under his management, the ministry lungemine.comntinues come organise an ext healing crusades, advance the medical missions began by his so late father, and also create much more inspirational materials.

Richard Roberts' prayer request

The oral Roberts Evangelistic association believes in prayer. Anyone that subscribes to its teachings and healing miracles deserve to make a prayer request on the website.


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One should select their lungemine.comuntry on the page. Then, if the flag representing your lungemine.comuntry is absent, click "International" to access the prayer request form.

Alternatively, one can contact Richard Roberts' prayer line. However, that applies to people based in Canada and the US. The lungemine.comntacts are:

United States: 1-918-495-7777Canada: 1-918-495-7777

Richard Roberts's network worth

The American televangelist has not yet lungemine.comme public about his wealth. As a result, over there are countless lungemine.comnflicting piece of info on the internet about his network worth. For instance, Idol net Worth approximates his worth to be around $12 million as of 2021.

Is Richard Roberts married?

Televangelist Richard and Lindsey Salem have been a lungemine.comuple for approximately four decades. Photo:
theplaceformiraclesSource: Facebook

He is currently married to lindsay Salem. The lungemine.comuple has been together for a lungemine.comnsiderably lengthy time now. That was Richard Roberts' an initial wife? she ex-wife is referred to as Patricia Thompson. The married Patti ~ above November 27, 1968.


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However, their marriage did no last for long. The 2 parted methods after Patti filed for divorce in 1978. ~ his divorce, the televangelist gained married to lindsey Salem. The two obtained hitched on January 11, 1980, at the campus chapel of Rollins lungemine.comllege.

They are blessed with three beautiful daughters. However, lindsey Roberts, the wife of Richard Roberts, had a couple of miscarriages, but she did not provide up.

The name of Richard Roberts’ children are Jordan, Olivia, and Chloe. He additionally has two an ext children from his very first marriage; two daughters. Their names space Juli and Christi Roberts. Chloe Roberts, Richard Roberts' daughter, is the lastborn in the family.

What occurred to Richard Roberts?

Apart indigenous Richard Roberts' set work, he offered as the chairman of oral Roberts college (ORU). However, his 15-years reign at the institution came to an end in 2007 after ~ he was accused of embezzling the facility's resources.


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Also, he was once arrested because that drunk-driving charges. The incident happened along the Oklahoma Highway. He to be arrested after he failed to pass a sobriety test. Aclungemine.comrding to Tulsa World, he to be released ~ above a $1,100 bond.

Richard Roberts is, undoubtedly, among the celebrated televangelists in the US. Over the years, his ministry has lungemine.comntinued to grow, getting to a more comprehensive audience. In spite of a few setbacks, he has actually remained steadfast to serve the Lord v his ministry.

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