This mainly a Kenyan news source ran a story entitled, “Why Adventists don’t Celebrate Easter”. The three reasons noted by Washington Odhiambo in Hivisasa fit the Adventist worldview perfectly, but they differ slightly from the explanations one hears in the united States.

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The three reasons and also their explanations follow.

Easter is no biblical: The Kenyan argument, as declared in Hivisasa, is that the bible nowhere designates Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection together “Easter” however merely signifies the resurrection as emerging on “fie very first day the the week” or ~ above “the 3rd day ~ His death.”Time because that outreach: the 2nd reason the story states is the Adventists usage this Christian holiday to launch total Member joining mission such together “making visitations come hospitals, religious camps, and also even music extravaganzas.”Baptism in location of Easter: ultimately the short article states the Adventists “argue the baptism with water is the only kind or the remembrance of the death and also resurrection the Jesus the the bible prescribes.”

The write-up concludes by stating the Adventist likewise do not take into consideration December 25 to be a divinely-prescribed day to memory Jesus’ birth.


Adventists use various nuanced debates to describe why Easter Sunday is not vital remembrance of Jesus’ finished work. No issue what certain arguments and also distractions Adventists use in various geographic and also demographic regions, the truth remains that Adventists carry out not know the significance of the resurrection due to the fact that they perform not know that we receive eternal life in our own immaterial spirits since Jesus increased from the dead.

For Adventists, salvation is significant by loyalty to the seventh-day Sabbath and also by significantly successful law-keeping. The Resurrection, however, is the reason we have new birth and life when we believe and also trust in the job-related of the mr Jesus (Rom. 8:9–17).

Adventism eclipses the resurrection because it is the love of ours eternal life. The lord Jesus, not the Sabbath, is the focus and source of ours trust, faith, and also eternal security. Easter, regularly sneeringly mocked through Adventists together the day once Christians respect the sunlight in your sunrise services hosted on “The venerable day of the Sun”, is a non-issue within your theological paradigm.

Ironically, however, Adventists instinctively recognize that there is miscellaneous overwhelmingly special about the day, because an ext than any kind of other day, Easter get the brunt of your disdain.

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The delight of discovering that Jesus damaged the binding of death and guarantees eternal life in Jesus is a joy Adventists can not know. As lengthy as castle misunderstand what Jesus actually accomplished in finishing His atonement ~ above the cross and also in rising from death and also ascending to SIT, His work finished, in ~ the Father’s side, they cannot expect to understand why believer celebrate top top Easter!

He is risen!



Colleen Tinker, the editor the Proclamation! magazine, and also her husband Richard left Adventism in 1998 through their two sons, Roy and also Nathanael, that were in grades six and also ten. They have actually co-led the previous Adventist Fellowship since 1999. Colleen, a graduate that Walla Walla University, is a previous high institution English teacher and additionally the former managing editor that Adventist today magazine. Colleen came to be the stepmother the Roy and also Nathanael in 1989, and in 2008 she adopted them. Romans 8:15-17 has actually assumed brand-new depth and also significance because that her and Richard because she and her sons determined to claim each various other legally and permanently. She and also Richard share an office and a appointment to share the gospel of the true Jesus with every one of those search a means out of the bondage the the false gospel that Adventism.