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This product consists of natural rubber latex i m sorry may cause allergic reactions.

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This product has actually a Bariatric rating.

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A good tasting means to prepare for her game and have a burst of power right as soon as you need it Conveniently packaged in a small, portable and easy come take with you size for whenever you require it obtainable in a variety of flavors for the taste the you are looking for includes 16 packs of 10 chews
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WARNING: Cancer and also Reproductive Harm.


Always be prepared for the huge game through Gatorade Prime power Chews. These caffeine chews administer you v extra carbs to prep your muscles pre-workout or to resupply your fuel levels in the center of a 5k. Obtainable in fruit punch, strawberry, eco-friendly apple and cool blue, find the specific flavor the you space looking for.

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