Width is an important factor when picking a snowboard. Too wide of a plank will absence responsiveness. Too narrow and you run the threat of toe and also heel drag, i beg your pardon can quickly throw you on your face, particularly if you gain steeper terrain or laying under a hard carve- looking at you dudes with boot size 11.5 and up!

If friend wear a size 11 or smaller snowboard boot, congrats you room in the clear. Feel cost-free to skip the rest of this.

AVOID acquiring YOUR challenge ROCKED: our Tips for Eliminating Toe and also Heel Drag

1.) gain a wide Snowboard 

Typically, snowboard boots sizes 11.5+ will require a wide specific model i m sorry is going to have a waist width of 260mm or more. Inspect the graph to determine suitable sizing for her boots. 

Finding a wide model deserve to sometimes be a frustrating operation for plenty of riders the end there. Luckily for our larger footed friends, our snowboards are among the widest top top the industry with the woodland 167W coming in at a monster waist broad of 28.4cm and also able to accommodate as much as a dimension 15 boot. 

If you"re an ext of a freestyle rider or just prefer the feeling of a twin form under you feet, you can still enjoy the nimble, playful ride of twin board without the fear of dragging. The Range is obtainable up to a 164W (waist-width that 27cm). This directional twin has a 20mm set back to keep you afloat in the deep stuff while quiet maneuverable sufficient to drive switch. Even the non-wide specific models in our lineup fare more as mid-widths. Team favorite The Logger is a true pair designed to handle all species of freestyle features. Easily accessible as a mid-width as much as a dimension 158cm (waist-width 25.9) which will certainly still have actually you spanned up come an 11.5 boot. 

The Backwoods The Range The Logger


For the ladies with a 9+ snowboard boot, our women"s models space on the wider side that the spectrum as well. The increase 152 and also Riva 157 both have a waist width of 25.2cm. This allows you to remain in the women"s category prior to getting into the men"s boards which have the right to sometimes be too stiff or clunky to turn. 

2.) adjust Snowboard Binding stance Width and Angles

Play around with widening her stance and also ducking your angles an ext than than 18 degrees. Boot sizes bigger than 13 must be rocking angles closer to 30 degrees.

3.) purchase Low file Boots

Not every boots are produced equal. Part manufacturers and models have actually a larger profile on the board than others. Think about looking at a boots with outer sole lengths that run smaller or shorter which can enable you come ride a narrower board. Also, never ever a poor idea to get a professional boot right and twin check your size. In many cases, world are talk in boots that room too huge if lock haven"t ever before been appropriately measured.

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Newer boots also have much slimmer and also sleeker designs than models the the past (RIP early 2000"s moon boots phase). 

4.) adjust the heel Cup On her Snowboard Binding

Many snowboarding bindings have actually heel cup adjustments that permit you to set the binding ago towards the hoe edge or relocate it closer to the toe. Make these young tweaks so that your boot is properly centered over the footbed.