Whether strolling through the sand dunes or long walking on among Sleeping Bears’ numerous trails or even enjoying one of the plenty of scenic vistas along Pierce fall Drive, you may come throughout a typical resident that the park; the north American Porcupine. If I obtain too close, will they shoot their quills in ~ me? We’ll acquire to that.

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Porcupines room rodents, definition they possess a single pair that continuously cultivation incisors in both the upper and lower jaw. There space two families of porcupine; Old world and new World. Old human being Porcupines live in Europe, Asia and also Africa when their brand-new World counterparts are native to north America. The north American Porcupine have curved claws do them fantastic climbers and also spend a great deal the their lives up in trees. If it’s a mammal and classified together a rodent, it’s Latin surname actually converts as “Quill Pig”.

The north American Porcupine is one herbivore subsisting on a diet of jaw needles and also bark, roots, stems, leaves, berries, meadow grass, seeds, flowers, nuts, aquatic vegetation, fruits, and tubers. Their propensity because that gnawing ~ above bark has led to them acquiring a negative rap together destroyers of ornamental timber and wood structures. Think that Granpa complaining around the porcupines gnawing ~ above the garage or the trunks of tree in the backyard. The covered bridge along Pierce stocking Drive has actually been a victim the the Porcupine appetite requiring repair regularly.

Of course when most civilization think that a Porcupine, the very first thing comes to mind is your quills. Tall tales of porcupines shooting their quills out at passerby’s are just that; tall Tales. Porcupines can’t shoot your quills! However, it doesn’t take much for this barbed, needle choose quills to be released into an attack predator. Porcupines actually have a mix of hair (remember they are a mammal) and also quills. The head, face and underbelly is soft fur, while your back, sides and tail are a mix that quill and fur. A phibìc American Porcupine have the right to have end 30,000 quills! This is their main defense versus predators. The barbed quills dislodge easily and also become snagged in the skin of it’s attacker. These are difficult to eliminate if the animal lacks a thumb and fingers. Lock can end up being infected and also cause a significant amount the damage. One of the porcupines key adversaries is the fisher, a small carnivorous mammal, native to north America. The fisher will certainly attempt to flip the porcupine ~ above it’s earlier exposing the unprotected underbelly.


North American Fisher

Of course the Porcupine attempts to protect itself through charging backwards or slapping their tails in ~ an oncoming attacker. Over there is a good YouTube video showing a leopard going after a porcupine.

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Check it the end here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeZW3UcW1Yc

If you happen to come throughout a Porcupine while at sleeping Bear Dunes, you have no need to worry. Just like all wild life in the park provide them their room and leave them be. It’s their house after all. Most regularly than not, the porcupine will basically disregard you and you can observe lock without issue of getting” quilled”.

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