Description: 4 seconds sound clip native the Cheech and also Chong"s increase in exhilaration movie soundboard.

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You deserve to hear this line at 00:10:53 in the Blu-ray version of the movie.

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- organize on, man. I got the genuine shit right here, man. That"s mine dick.

- Yeah, there we go. Hey, there you go, man. Light that sucker up, man. We"ll walk to the moon.

- Jeez, i hope her dick"s bigger 보다 this, man.

- Hey, man, you desire to acquire out and walk, man?

- Hey, you want to gain high, man?

- walk Howdy Doody gained wooden balls, man?

- I acquired a share here, man, I"ve been saving for a unique occasion.

- go on, fire that up.

- Hey, ns hope the drums don"t mess up her upholstery, man.

- No, I"m in a band, too, man.

- Oh, space you?

- Yeah, I"m a command singer, man.

- Wow, that"s hip, man.


Build her goddamn muscles, huh? girlfriend know, friend could build your muscles picking strawberries. Girlfriend know, bend and scoop, choose the Mexicans.
Besides, it"s just punk rock, man. Girlfriend know, friend don"t need to know just how to play. All you just acquired to execute is be a punk, man. We can do that.


Download or hear to voice quotes and sound clips sampled native the movie Cheech and also Chong"s increase in acting (1978). All waveform samples space in wav and mp3 format.

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Actors: Cheech Marin (Pedro De Pacas), Tommy Chong (Anthony "Man" Stoner), Stacy Keach (Sgt. Stedenko)

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