She ended up being a family members name top top the Emmy award-winning display “The Doctors”because that her method of explaining also the most complicated medical principles with ease.

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Due to she extraordinary success in the clinical field, Lisa had always been in the limelight.

She has been on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Good Morning America,” and “Dr. Phil,” among many others. Lisa specializes in gynecology, obstetrics, adolescent gynecology, infertility, and also family planning.

She visited Mount Holyoke university in Massachusetts to do her undergrad studies and then perfect her clinical studies at the college Of southerly California in 1993.

Her main practice is ~ above the East shore near Huntington Beach, yet the woman goes to even the most remote areas when it comes to helping expecting mothers through pregnancy issues. Not just that, she is so capable that she has even performed a C-Section live on discovery Channel!

Born for Glory

In Lisa’s biographical publication “Paper Dollhouse,” she went into great detail around what motivated her to become one that the best in her field. That was she mother.


Her mommy was truly the wind beneath she wings, and one of the key reasons Lisa is constantly researching to find more answers.

When Lisa was in the 2nd year of clinical school, she mother got diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors had told her that she only had one year left come live. ~ above listening come this, Lisa requested she and also her thirteen-year younger brother relocate in with her.At the time, she had just gotten married and also had her boy Daniel.

She opened up about that totality ordeal ~ above “The Doctors” show:

“That’s among my best disappointments in life. I’d provide anything if that never ever happened. I was told as soon as she had around a year left. So once I obtained that information, she relocated in v us. And when my mommy passed, mine husband and also I tried to raise my brother.”

To this day, she said that to be the toughest time of her life, as she was a medical professional herself however couldn’t do anything to save her mom alive. Lisa is well-known for dealing with multiple points at once, so gift helpless must have been devastating.

Her “real-life training” started prior to she became a huge name in she field. It started when her mommy passed, and also she absorbed her brother. She remained in residency, taking treatment of her infant child, an ailing mother, and also a brother who had just began to obtain rebellious.

No wonder she has actually turned out to be a superhuman that everyone admires today. When her mother passed, for a while, she just stopped functioning. She stopped eating and went to a very dark place.

Lisa’s mother always told she to “Follow her Dreams.” She to be a large influence. After losing her, Lisa felt shed until she began going the end there and truly establish the power of her profession.

When Masterson was no herself no longer after her mother’s death, it to be her boy who snapped her the end of it. He claimed he essential his mother now, and that sense of responsibility she inherited from she mother got her back into the routine again.

She could only cope v her very own loss when she worked on conserving someone else’s life. She life took on a brand-new meaning, which to be to conserve lives and also raise awareness around women’s issues, especially in areas where straightforward medical infrastructure are non-existent.

Leaving The Show and also Moving On

Dr. Lisa’s leave from the show came together a shock to the fans. Lock loved she for she personality and also wisdom. For 5 years, she was one of the many knowledgeable civilization on American television.

Soon rumors started circulating around what go on behind the scenes, which supposedly made Lisa leaving the show.

The answer was simple. Lisa left the show because she had plans to do bigger things. She wanted to focus much more on her exercise as she patients were her very first priority.

The display required a big investment of she time. Two days were forced for the taping alone. When she might not have actually been a regular on the present anymore, she currently frequently appeared on it as a guest.Her appearance in the season after ~ her leave got one amazing an answer from the audience.

She go on many humanitarian objectives when she was associated with the show; the most notable example was as soon as the team of medical professionals visited Haiti.

Haiti had actually just experienced a devastating earthquake, and the physicians from the panel went there on a joined mission.

All the 6 doctors had to re-publishing one room together there was no accommodation arrangement in that area. Dr. Lisa specifically focused on expecting mothers and also worked tirelessly to make certain their lives and those of your babies were safe.

Apart native getting an ext time come practice, Lisa constantly wanted to cave deeper right into researching eastern and American medicine. She felt this to be the perfect time come look at medical teachings from different backgrounds with an unbiased mind.

She to trust it would be finest to merge them to gain the ideal results as it can create an advanced branch that medicine.

Her Life as well as “The Doctors” Show

Lisa is a an excellent doctor and a world person, which method she wouldn’t have actually just entered hiding ~ leaving the show.

As lot as Lisa appreciated the viewer’s unwavering attention, this was she time to relocate on. Even today, on the 13th season the the show, world still questioning questions around her guest appearance.

They feeling she is the most reliable as soon as it concerns relaying clinical news or offering competent advice in these unmatched times. She has likewise appeared in countless discussions around COVID-19 in CBS News and ABC news.

She is now working even harder by taking on many patients and doing a lot of charitable work. She fans would certainly be happy to know that she is likewise keeping in touch through hosting a an extremely successful podcast, “Heath in Heels through Dr. Lisa.”

If over there is one point Lisa is important passionate about, it’s helping others through every method possible. She has talked plenty of times about transforming the means people awareness the clinical profession. She practices a unique an approach which is no something civilization would intend in a classic gynecological practice.

Lisa trust that’s where the future lies. She has worked to merge gynecology and also aesthetic services, i beg your pardon she provides at her s Oasis clinical Spa. The unique thing about this spa is analyzing women’s needs and also then recommending the perfect spa with effective exercise and also dietary plans.

When she is not functioning in her clinic, Lisa is often busy conducting seminars around multiple health concerns she cares about.

She has also participated in seminars focusing on adolescent sexuality, targeting both children and parents. For a an ext detailed guide, she has even written a book titled “Go Figure” for young girl who are still figuring out who they are.

Her dedication to her profession knows no boundaries; she has been actively providing medical help in areas that are most deprived of an easy medical facilities.

Her company “Maternal-Fetal Care” works tirelessly to ensure the wellness of women and their newborns space well taken treatment of.

This organization works an ext exclusively in remote areas in Africa and also India; it has actually some amazing medical professionals on board that take treatment of women until they are fully well.

The infection of HIV/AIDS is really common from mommy to child in together regions. This is Dr. Lisa’s life mission: to administer outstanding medical framework in areas where the mortality rate is too high because of complications at childbirth.

Lisa has constructed birthing centers in locations like India and also Kenya, wherein women will gain the privacy and also medical assistance they need.

Most world who go to Africa only job-related in the popular regions, but Dr. Masterson has actually gone beyond and became the first OB/GYN residency program in Eritrea. In her area, Lisa has joined hand to found the “Mobile mother Squad”.

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This program is because that underprivileged mothers or expecting mothers that have tiny to no help from anywhere else. They offer educational interactions, prenatal exams, blood tests, blood press checks, counseling, and even your resources.