How plenty of oxygen atoms are there in 4.0 × 10⁻³ moles of Al(NO₃)₃? offer your answer come 1 decimal place.

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How numerous oxygen atoms are there in 4.0 times 10 come the negative three mole of Al(NO3)3? give your answer to one decimal place.

The mole is the SI unit of quantity of substance. One mole that a substance is equal to 6.02214076 time 10 come the 23rd power of entities. This value is well-known as Avogadro’s number. We commonly do not need to use Avogadro’s number to this level of precision and can ring the worth to 6.022 time 10 come the 23rd power. Entities may refer to any type of object which is gift counted but in chemistry generally refers come atoms, molecules, formula units, or particles.

through this background details in mind, let’s go back to the question. We desire to calculate the variety of oxygen atoms over there are, offered the moles of aluminum nitrate. We know from the meaning of the mole that one mole of aluminum nitrate will contain 6.022 times 10 to the 23rd formula units of aluminum nitrate. We understand we are starting with 4.0 time 10 to the negative third moles of aluminum nitrate. We can multiply this worth by our relationship written together a fraction, with moles of aluminum nitrate in the denominator, so the the unit moles of aluminum nitrate will cancel. Performing the calculation gives us a value of 2.4088 times 10 come the 21st formula devices of aluminum nitrate.

Looking at the chemical formula that aluminum nitrate, we view that each formula unit the aluminum nitrate contains three nitrate ions. And also each nitrate ion has three oxygen atoms. This means that one formula unit the aluminum nitrate has actually nine oxygen atoms. We recognize that there room 2.4088 time 10 to the 21st formula systems of aluminum nitrate in 4.0 times 10 come the an adverse third moles of aluminum nitrate. We also know that one formula unit of aluminum nitrate contains nine atom of oxygen. We deserve to multiply the number of formula units of aluminum nitrate by our connection written as a fraction, v formula systems of aluminum nitrate in the denominator, so that the units cancel. We carry out the calculation and determine the there room 2.168 times 10 to the 22nd atoms of oxygen.

However, the inquiry asks united state to give our answer come one decimal place.

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With proper rounding, us have figured out that 4.0 times 10 come the negative third moles of aluminum nitrate has 2.2 times 10 come the 22nd atom of oxygen.

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