The Inland rules have particular requirements regarding anchor lights. That rule is quoted below, as is the USCG website reference.

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The Inland rule have certain requirements regarding anchor lights. That rule is quoted below, together is the USCG site reference.


A 360-degree white all-around masthead light through two-mile visibility typically fulfills this requirement for many pleasure boats, yet familiarize you yourself with and also follow the rule. Wire gauge, size of wiring, connections and battery problem can impact a light"s performance. Monitor manufacturer"s instructions come ensure compliance through U.S. Coast Guard regulations. If you have actually one that the more recent LED anchor lights, it might not be together bright as earlier lights. Be sure that the manufacturer states in writing that that meets USCG requirement.

Displaying a appropriate anchor light when anchored at night isn"t simply a issue of law. It"s a issue of safety for you and also others. Also if the watercraft is in a well-known or designated anchorage area, dinghies and also other watercrafts may be traveling in that area and also will need to know the ar of your boat. Civilization have been severely injured and killed because a skipper chose that he"d no burn an anchor light.

Following is preeminence 30 of the Rules uncovered here.

Rule 30 - Anchored Vessels and also Vessels Aground


(a) A vessel at anchor shall exhibit wherein it can best be seen:

(i) in the fore part, an all-round white light or one ball;

(ii) at or near the stern and also at a lower level than the light prescribed in subparagraph (i), an all-round white light.

(b) A ship of much less than 50 meter in length may exhibit an all-round white light wherein it can finest be seen instead of the lamp prescribed in paragraph (a) the this Rule.

(c) A vessel at anchor may , and a ship of 100 meters and an ext in length shall, likewise use the obtainable working or tantamount lights to illuminate her decks.

(d) A vessel aground shall exhibit the lamp prescribed in paragraph (a) or (b) the this Rule and also in addition, if practicable, where they can best be seen;

(i) two all-round red lamp in a vertical line;

(ii) three balls in a upright line.

(e) A courage of much less than 7 meter in length, once at anchor not in or close to a small channel, fairway or where other vessels generally navigate, shall not be compelled to exhibition the shape prescribed in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this Rule.

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(f) A vessel of much less than 12 meter in length, once aground, shall no be required to exhibit the lights or forms prescribed in subparagraphs (d)(i) and (ii) that this Rule.

(g) A courage of less than 20 meters in length, when at anchor in a special anchorage area designated through the Secretary, shall no be compelled to exhibit the anchor lights and also shapes compelled by this Rule.