- What i wantto execute in this video is gain a little bit that experience,see a couple of examples that trying to roughlyestimate the square source of non-perfect squares. Therefore let's speak that ns had, if I wanted to estimatethe square source of 32. And also in particular, I'm simply curious, between what two integerswill this square source lie? fine one means to think aboutit is 32 is in between what perfect squares? We check out 32 is, in reality let me make sure I have somespace because that future examples. For this reason 32, what's the perfect square below 32? for this reason the best perfectsquare below 32 is 25. 32 is better than 25. That's five squared. So maybe I need to write it this way. So five squared is less than 32 and also then 32, what's the nextperfect square after ~ 32? well 32 is much less than 36. Therefore we might say 32 isless than six squared. So if you were to take it the square source of all of these sides right over here, we can say that rather of here we have all of the worths squared, however instead, if we took the square root, we might say 5 is going come be less than the square source of 32, which is much less than, which is much less than six. Notice, to walk from below to here, to walk from here to here, and also here come here, all we did is we squared things, us raised everything to the second power. However the inequality need to still hold. So the square source of 32 need to be between five and six. It's walking to be five suggest something. Let's do an additional example. Let's to speak we wanted to estimate, we desire to say between what two integers is the square root of 55? well we have the right to do the exact same idea. Let's square it. Therefore if we square the square root of 55, we're just gonna acquire to 55. We're just going to get, permit me perform that in the exact same color, 55. Therefore okay, 55 is betweenwhich two perfect squares? so the perfect square that is listed below 55, or I might say the best perfect square the is much less than 55. Let's see, six squared is36 and also seven squared is 49, eight squared is 64. Therefore it would certainly be 49. I can write the as seven squared. Allow me write that, the is thesame point as seven squared. And what's the nextperfect square over it? fine we simply figured that out. 7 squared is 49, eightsquared is bigger than 55, it's 64. Therefore this is going come be much less than 64, i m sorry is eight squared. And also of food 55, just tomake it clear what's walk on. 55 is the square source of 55 squared. That's kind of bydefinition, it's going to it is in the square root of 55 squared. And also so the square source of 55is going come be between what? It's going come be in between seven and also eight. So 7 is less thanthe square root of 55, which is less than eight. So as soon as again, this is just an interesting method to think about, what would certainly you, if someonesaid the square root of 55 and at an initial you're like, "Oh,uh, ns don't understand what that is. "I don't have actually a calculator,"et cetera et cetera. You're like, "Oh wait, wait,that's going come be in between "49 and also 64, for this reason it's walking tobe seven allude something." It's going to be seven suggest something. And also you can also get a roughestimate of seven allude what based upon how far awayit is native 49 and 64. Friend can start to almost right things. Let's carry out one an ext example. Let's speak we wanted to figure out whereby does the square source of 123 lie? and also like always, ns encourageyou to stop the video clip and shot to think about it yourself. In between what 2 integers go this lie? Well, if we were tosquare it, you obtain to 123. And also what's the perfect square that is the greatest perfect square less than 123? Let's see, 10 squared is 100. 11 squared is 121. 12 squared is 144. For this reason 11 squared. Therefore 123, for this reason we can write 121 is less than 123, i beg your pardon is much less than 144, that's 12 squared. For this reason if us take the squareroots we could write the 11 is much less thanthe square source of 123, which is less than 144. So as soon as again, what's the square source of 123? It's walking to it is in 11 allude something. And also in fact, it's walking to it is in closer to 11 than it's walk to be to 12. 123 is a lot closer to121 보다 it is come 144. For this reason it might be, i don't know,11.1, something prefer that. I don't understand if that's exactlyright, us would have actually to inspect that on the calculator. But hopefully this offers you, oops I, that actually will certainly be less than 144. Yet if we want to think aboutwhat consecutive integers is the be between, it's goingto be a 12 right over there. Almost made a... Fine anyway, you obtain the idea. Hopefully you enjoyed that.

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Approximating square roots walk through
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Approximating square roots walk through
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