Paramecium and also other imreparable cells eukaryotes the live in hypotonic settings have cell membranes the limit water uptake, whi

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The movement water or a solvent with a semipermeable membrane prefer the cabinet membrane right into a systems of higher solute concentration is well-known as osmosis. An easy way to learn the net activity of water is the water has tendency to move to the hypertonic solution. In this concern water will have a tendency to relocate out that the cabinet (plasmolysis).

Cells could have a higher concentration that salt within the cell, this would require a mechanism like membrane networks that can facilitate the entrance of salts. This might be complemented with having membranes the are an ext permeable allowing much more water to enter the cell to prevent plasmolisis.

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What is the exactly sequence of stages in the general adaptation syndrome? (1 point)?
Lady_Fox <76>
I think that the exactly sequence of stages in the general adaptation syndrome indigenous the very first to last is Alarm, resistance and then exhaustion. The basic adaptation syndrome explains stages in the body"s an answer to an extensive stress. Follow to Hans Selye there are three predictable step the body supplies to respond come stressors. The an initial stage is the alert stage, which gives a to explode of energy, the second stage referred to as resistance change, the body attempts to withstand or adapt to the stressor and also lastly the fatigue stage.
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Explain exactly how fish and also sharks breathe. What room some differences?
Nesterboy <21>
Uhhhhh castle breath bc they’re animals
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The puppy on the left is pulling with 7 N the force, if the puppy on the best is pulling through 5 N the force. I m sorry statement b <45>

D The forces are unbalanced by 2


basically, friend subtract both her numbers if her number is 0 castle are balanced if no then they space unbalanced through the distinction of the 2 numbers

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