The best means to enter cheats in GameBoy breakthrough games is v a cheating an equipment such as a GameShark. Currently you"ll require one of this if you are playing the initial version the the game on an yes, really GBA, yet if you are using an emulator come play the game, then typically there is a cheat food selection that you can go into GameShark codes, or the codes for other cheating gadgets such as action Replay or code Breaker. They all an ext or less do the game thing.

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Here you will discover the GameShark cheats the we have for Fire Emblem spiritual Stones. Simply scroll under to see them all.

The finest one is here and it basically will give you the password for limitless gold, and also codes to change the stats of her characters.

Please remember to not obtain too carried away through using cheats as if you use too plenty of at the same time it have the right to corrupt her save file which might mean you have to start the video game again. So constantly make certain you save your game prior to trying a cheat and also only save it again when you space sure that the cheat has not damaged her game paper in any way.


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Game Shark code (Only for game Shark: variation 4)

NOTE: These are not the game Shark codes so make sure you don"t get the two blended up, K.M> have to Be top top 9277DF283AAA40EFFAFD82C7BB74BA..

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From Team
15 Dec 2020, id #14430

Sacred Stones Cheats and Codes

To use any type of of these GameShark codes, you"ll require an yes, really GameShark device if you room playing through the initial version of the game in a GBA, if yo..

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From Dragoon King.22 Jul 2006, i would #8695

Game Shark password (NOTE:For game Shark: variation 4)

NOTE: These are the don"t mix that up through other video game shark codes. must Be ~ above 9277DF283AAAB93CC5AABA24F375BC6F03FANo Fog of War..

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From akshay
22 Dec 2004, i would #3902

Ultimate Codes

Gameshark codes because that fire emblem. need to Be On00006777000A100BDEB40007Infinite Funds8202BC00967F8202BC0200981st Position: unlimited H..

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From MastergamerX3
15 Sep 2005, id #6516

Several awesome and real codes

Note~ If you check out a may with a number or a number by chin jumbled in the words, thats as soon as I uncovered them out. Just disregard them. Ns messed up.also, th..