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in around an hour i"m going to tear into my automobile to change my cracked plastic intake. Walk anyone recognize the torque spec for the manifold come head bolts? the succession is to start from the center ones and work your means out, right?EDIT: nevermind, i discovered it. 15-22 ft-lb. (great diagram on modular depot in the technology section) mods, you can delete this post, or leaving it because that future searchers.
MattRIP Thunderchicken... Moved on come a lighter chassis with a 5 speed and also cheaper parts. I know, i sold out.

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Jim1995 Thunderbird LX: Vortech S-Trim(12psi), Forged PI 4.6, T-45, SCT Tune, Eibach Pro-kit, Magnaflow DI/DO Exhaust, 3.73 TL, and 17" Cobras1995 Thunderbird SC: Bone Stock will have actually the ford organization manual CD"s for download. Just pick her year"s application and burn the CD or mount the ISO and install the program.
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