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Edited by Azizi PowellWords & paragraph often change their meanings. For this reason it"s no surprising that the phrase "front, back, next to side" has taken on sexual interpretations that that didn"t have early on. In the "good ole days" the the 1950s come at the very least the 1980s, "front, back, next to side" described the directions a person would jump, dance, or otherwise dance while singing or chanting those words. "Left right, side to side", and also "in, out, side to side" are comparable phrases that are discovered in playground rhymes and also other songs. "Front back, side to side" and "left, right, side to side" room self-explanatory. "In, out" harks ago to the time as soon as these rhymes to be chanted while play ring (circle) games, and also referred to participants jumping right into the ring and also then jumping back out. Children"s handclap rhymes, cheerleader cheers, and also singing gamings still have those meanings. The "front earlier side come side" expression or similar phrases such together "to the left/ come the right/ come the front!/ come the back!" could additionally be found in the specific R&B dance songs. However, in the 1994 69 boys "Tootsee Roll" document ( the hatchet "tootsee roll" is a pat on a brand name for chocolate candy the is quite popular in the joined States. However, in this song, the term "tootsee" is a referent for "butt", and the native "roll" method "whining" or "shaking" your butt. The instructional paragraph "to the left/ to the right/ come the front!/ to the back!" in the song describe the direction the dancers are claimed to move when those phrases space sung.And in an ext recent R&B/Hip-Hop songs, the "front, back, side to side" text have end up being much more sexualized. An examplee that an include sexual definition for that phrase is Marz"s 2009 tune "Do What girlfriend Do" ( The directional lyrics in that song are "front, back, next side, prior front earlier back side side. Up, down, ring round, up up under down round, round". It"s my sense that that song"s popularity and appeal to youngsters increased together a result of those lyrics being featured in one of the Kia Soul auto commercials the stars "hip" hamsters ( The comprise sexual definitions of the "front, back, side to side" phrase and similar phrases in Hip-Hop song complicates make the efforts to find examples the playground rhymes that include those phrases. This write-up featured four examples of playground rhymes which include the "front, back, next to side" expression or a comparable directional phrase. This is a very little sample the English language playground rhymes & cheers that encompass those phrases.

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These instances are provided for the folkloric record.The "front back side to side" phrase (or similar phrase)in the examples posted below is composed in italics to highlight it.My thanks to all contributors of these examples!****FEATURED EXAMPLESExample #1: PEPSI COLA Pepsi-cola pep pepsi colaPepsi cola pep pepsi colaI can slide and slideand execute the butterflyI can dip, and dipand shiver my tiny hips.I want you and youTo execute it v me too.Front (clapclapclap)Back (clapclapclap)Side (clapclapclap)Side (clap clap)Front earlier side to sideWatch me do the butterfly.5, 6, 7, 8Watch me view your prey shakeMy mama short and fineShe acquired a butt favor mineAnd when she cross the streetThe cars go beep beep beep.-Uploaded through ImBeyondBeautifull1; June 29, 2011The girl dancing pepsi cola!ImBeyondBeautifull1, released on Jun 29, 2011Awww therefore cute Dancing come beyonce having fun****Example #2: LADIES and GENTLEMENLadies and gentlemen, children tooThis brown girlShe gonna boogie for youShe gonna turn all aroundShe gonna undertake her dresses up over her kneesShe gonna shake her fanny just as lot as she please.I never went to college.I never ever went to school.But when it concerns boogie,I deserve to boogie choose a fool.You walk in out, side to side.You go in out, side to side.Hey quite babyHow around a dateI’ll meet at the cornerAbout fifty percent past eightHands up!Tachie Tachie TachieHands down!Tachie Tachie Tachie!Sans Boots!Tachie Tachie TachieHands down!Tachie Tachie Tachie!Sans Boots!-Barbara ray (African American female), storage of childhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1950s; gathered on November 1997 & respectable 2009 by Azizi Powell; posted on Visit that web page for much more information & comments around this rhyme.****Example #3: ZODIAC right here we go Zodiac, Zodiac, ZodiacHere us go Zoodio all night long!Oh, step earlier Sally Sally, SallyStep earlier Sally all night long!Oh -a walkin under the alley, alley, alley.A-walkin under the alley all night long!Oh, what did i see?A huge fat man from Tennesse!I bet you five dollars I deserve to beat that man!To the front, to the back, to the si"-si" si"To the front, come the back, to the si"-si"-si"I referred to as the doctor, and also the physician saidI obtained a ache in mine si", oooo-chi-ah!I got a pain in my si", oooo-chi-ah!I obtained a ache in my si".- Washington D. C., schoolgirls, tape-recorded 1976 at the Smithsonian college Festival that American Folklore, Washington, D.C., Editor: The heat "I looked end yonder" is typically given prior to the heat "And what did i see?" ****Example #4: RIDE that PONY right here we go! (Ride the pony)Ride ca! (It"s a big fat pony!)Here us go! (Ride the pony)This is just how we do it:Front to front to front, mine baby!Back to ago to back, mine baby!Side to side to side, mine baby!THIS IS exactly how WE perform IT!!!!((Repeat until your hands fall off))-AttheCircus (Webster Groves High School, Colorado Springsl Colorado); ; April 18, 2008****RELATED LINKSClick because that a video of and also lyrics to "Tootsie Roll". "Ladies and also Gentlemen, kids Too" Playground happiness ****Thanks because that visiting comments space welcome.