Can you gain married in Harvest Moon 3: conserve The Homeland? deserve to I Marry and Have Family? This is the answer!

This is among the tutorials or concerns that are searched after ~ by Harvest Moon pan who are still brand-new to this video game series.

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I have often answered concerns related to marriage in Harvest Moon: conserve the countryside (STH) in my blog, yet there room plenty of human being who ask around this again and also again. So, I determined to do the write-up itself.

How carry out You gain Married in Harvest Moon 3: conserve The Homeland?

That"s specifically the question I frequently receive on my facebook page. Actually, the right concern that should be asked is "Can You gain Married in Harvest Moon 3: save The Homeland?"

I offered to be a big fan the Harvest Moon: conserve The countryside on playstation (PS) 2 when I was a kid. What make me loss in love the first time to be the graphics the were on a various level indigenous the other Harvest Moon collection at that time.

In regards to gameplay, that is likewise very simple and doesn"t do the head that the player dizzy. It"s simply unfortunate that this video game is missing some an essential features i beg your pardon if included should make it much more interesting.

Even so, I supplied to come to the PS rental every day simply to complete all the event endings in this game.

With the hope that one day, I can marry Lyla the florist shop keeper. Due to the fact that she is among the many beautiful Harvest Moon characters at that time.

After playing for a lengthy time, ns didn"t acquire the outcomes I wanted. Easy to understand yes, at that time i was like an innocent boy who didn"t know anything. Now with Google Search, you can obtain answers to inquiries you ask.

I only acquired information that we cannot get married in Harvest Moon 3: conserve The Homeland. The concept of this video game only focuses on conserving the village, no romance, and special relationship with women.

So friend are forced to finish an ending of the story in a year. If friend succeed, then you will get an emblem created in the Diary and can proceed playing native the start (new game+) v the wide range you currently have. Yet if you fail, climate the video game will end (game over).

Wait, however don"t worry...

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If you want to be able to marry the female character in save The Homeland, you deserve to play the work again, please again version, i m sorry is Harvest Moon: Hero of sheet Valley whereby there space so many extr features and events that you have the right to complete.

TL; DR: exactly how to gain married in HM 3: STH? There"s no way because friend can"t do it unless you mode the original game. You"re alone and also can"t have family members in Harvest Moon: save The Homeland. *SAD