No matter what seeds you room as one NFL playoff team, any type of team has a opportunity of to win it all at the best time. These teams have actually made it every the means to the at sight Bowl and left victorious.

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Everyone states it is daunting to victory a Super bowl championship as a wild card team but teams have overcome adversity. There have been six teams who have won the all because once they obtained their ticket in, they never ever looked back. The years of as soon as the Wild Card groups won it all happened between 1980-2010. Those teams are the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, brand-new York Giants and Green just Packers. These groups struggled transparent the season but when they gained into the playoffs, castle turned that on in ~ the ideal time.

In1981, the Raiders ended up being the an initial team to ever win the super Bowl as soon as the playoff mechanism expanded. They characterized the odds after ~ they shed their starting quarterback because that the season as result of injury. They come closer as a team under Jim Plunkett who lead them to an 11-5 record and also earned a Wild card birth. They defeated the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 27-10.

In 1998, the Broncos to be the second team to victory it every with dominant force that started with a 12-4 record. Denver just played in the Wild Card because the Kansas City Chiefs take it the AFC West title due to beating them during the constant season. V an effective run game and passing attack, the Broncos outscore opponents at will. The run game helped them come from behind to defeat the Packers 31-24.

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In 2001, the Baltimore Ravens to be remembered as one of the worst teams to success a at sight Bowl. They were considered bad because that their attack struggles yet they relied on your extraordinary defense to win football games. It tremendously helped lock in their playoff run win it all. They defeated the brand-new York Giants by the score of 34-7.

In 2006, the Steelers to be able to pull off three consecutive road wins which are very an overwhelming to do. It was a challenging road for them gift able to make the playoffs since they satellite at 7-5 in mainly 12 of the constant season. They were substantial underdogs against the Seattle Seahawks and also they were able to uncomfortable them by the final score that 21-10.

In 2008, the Giants to be the most surprising team to ever before win a supervisor Bowl together a Wild Card. This Giants team was expected to not make it through the playoffs yet they overcame obstacles unlike ever before. After ~ being under at the half, the Giants were able come rally and also score 14 clues to keep the Patriots native obtaining a perfect record that season. The Giants defeated the Patriots through the score the 17-14.

In 2011, the Packers were among the groups in the playoffs to which many didn’t think they would certainly do lot of anything. The defense cleared up to be a very steady group and held up to a specific mediocre conventional throughout the season. Lock rolled v the playoffs and finished your playoff run through a huge win end the Steelers by the score of 31-25.

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Needless to say, noþeles can take place once you do it come the postseason. That not often it happens yet it’s possible to walk the distance in the grand scheme of things.