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Analysis that Henri Matisse's 'The Beasts the the Sea'by Paul Rance

The Beasts of the Sea' is among the last functions by the great French painter Henri Matisse. The paint was produced by making use of the cut out method, which was favored by the painter when he to be in declining health. In his beforehand 80s, Matisse produced a last group of paints that were recognized as the cut outs.

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Rich in Symbolism

Painted in 1950, 'The Beasts the the Sea' to be made by using gouache top top paper, that was climate cut and also pasted ~ above card. Its size are approximately ten feet by 5 feet.

'The Beasts that the Sea' is a common example that Matisse's bold use of color. Every little thing style Matisse worked in bold shade was virtually always a prominent attribute of his work.

Matisse to be an artist who looked come portray the essence of what the was paint rather than just a replica. In 'The Beasts of the Sea', Henri Matisse create a work of art that is particularly fascinating because it is a painting that is in 2 halves. Over there is additionally a usage of geometric shapes to symbolize particular aspects of the sea. Interesting additionally is the method that numerous of the same symbols room visible in both halves the the work.

Life and Death

The long curling shapes indicate the creatures that live in the sea, the leafy shapes the sea's vegetation, and also the spiral shapes are symbolizing the sea itself. Top top the left next of the artwork over there is a organic order the things, through the vegetation on the bottom and also the creatures in the sea at a greater level. The triangular forms seem to symbolize fish rather than sea mammals. With the ideal side of the artwork, things become more complex, as the creatures space seen in ~ the bottom.

Because Henri Matisse was coming to the finish of his life, it would certainly be easy to involved the conclusion the he was really developing a work-related of art that symbolized life itself. The left next of the paint is showing us life, and the right side of the piece is reflecting us death, symbolized by sea creatures falling come the s floor once they die.

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In 'Beasts the the Sea', Matisse offers the standard blue for the sea, but his usage of shade is fairly random in other parts the the painting. The is a work-related of arts that tells a story, but, like plenty of of the an excellent artists, Matisse prevents being also explicit.

Henri Matisse passed away in Nice, France in 1954, at the age of 84. The was an essential figure in several paint styles, consisting of Fauvism and modernism. 'Beasts that the Sea' deserve to be viewed at the national Gallery that Art, Washington, D.C.

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