A tradition character on a soap opera is one that has actually deep ties come the show’s canvas via long-running characters. Frequently times, these room usual familial connections. The fatality of Colleen Carlton, a tradition character top top The Young and the Restless, is a one that still a sick spot because that viewers the the show.

Tammin Sursok at the Daytime Emmys in 2008 | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Who to be the actresses who played Colleen Carlton on ‘The Young and also the Restless’?

As a heritage character, Colleen to be the only daughter of Traci Abbott and Brad Carlton. She to be born on-screen in ~ 1992 and also went on to be depicted by several various child actors until 1995. The character to be then handled the canvas and also was brought ago several years later on when the character was rapidly aged to it is in a teenager.

Lyndsey Fonseca was the an initial actress to portray a teen/young adult variation of the character, an initial debuting in the role in 2001. She portrayed the character on regular basis until 2004 when the personality was created off. She briefly returned to play the character for a few months from late 2004 to early 2005.

In 2006, the display sought come recast the character, and tapped previous General Hospital star, Adrianne León, to step into the role. She to be let walk after about a year in 2007. She duty was then recast through Australian singer-actress, Tammin Sursok, who illustrated the character up till her on-screen death in 2009.

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The short history of the character’s time top top the display

The character was known for her well-known relationship with J.T. Hellstrom. She was additionally a part of the show’s integral teenager scene in the at an early stage 2000s, in addition to other characters like Lily Winters and Mackenzie Browning.

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One of her last storylines, which take it place automatically after she father Brad died, revolved roughly her feud through Victor Newman. She blamed Victor, in part, for her father’s death. Brad passed away when conserving Noah Newman from a frozen pond. Victor likewise feuded through her father Brad. Colleen inherited Brad’s seat on the Newman companies board and also wanted Victor come pay.

A chain of events indirectly collection into movement by Victor would watch Colleen walk away by Patty Williams, the ex-wife of she uncle Jack Abbott who had a mental illness. She had the ability to escape but almost drowned. She was declared mind dead and also was taken turn off of life support. Victor was in need of a love transplant in ~ the time and the Abbots i agree to give him Colleen’s heart.

Fans and critics both feeling some kind of way about the character’s death

Colleen’s fatality is among the more divisive persons in the show’s history. Many civilization took worry with the reality that the show killed turn off such crucial legacy character and the only child the a longtime character, Traci. Brad, likewise a longtime character, had actually only died about a year prior to Colleen was killed off, which was another allude of contention for part fans.

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Another tradition young character, Cassie Newman, was also killed a few years earlier. Colleen’s fatality garnered comparisons to Cassie’s, but whereas Cassie’s death had major impacts across the show that tho exist come this day, Colleen’s death seemed to just be due to the fact that Victor required a heart.

And though Sursok was an unpopular recast for a lot of viewers, many did not desire to check out the character walk out prefer this. In 2009, the soap opera blog Serial Drama posted an post called “The Curious case of Colleen Carlton,” detailing concerns with the story.

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Killing turn off Colleen was a terrible idea. Not quite as damaging as murdering Georgie Jones and Emily Quartermaine in the very same heinous sweeps story, but terrible nonetheless! Yes, she to be a nonentity because that the past year or so. And yes, she was, much more often than not throughout her time ~ above the show, completely pointless. And also YES, Tammin Sursok was such an dreadful recast that “Tammin Suresucks” quickly became the 3rd most famous keyword find leading human being to Serial Drama. Yet she’s Traci Abbott and also Brad Carlton’s daughter and also that alone need to be sufficient for her and her greatly accented portrayer* to be composed off the show by leave town, or being in a coma, no killing she off! That’s exploitative and lazy and also I am trying and also failing to see the suggest of it all.

Why exactly was the character composed off?

It is unclear whether or not the character’s death was strictly storyline-dictated, as Sursok, who had signed on because that a duty on a major Nickelodeon television movie at the moment of her exit, stated that it to be a mutual decision.

When reporting on her leave in 2009, Daytime Confidential said via a source, “Tammin has actually been let go from The Young and also the Restless. She’s been yes, really busy through a the majority of other projects, therefore it’s been hard for the soap to write her in.”