I have two enquiries. Just how did Gandalf get his staff ago after being caught by Saruman? Saruman would have, no doubt, taken the staff once he recorded him.Was Gandalf defeated by the Witch-King and also was Gandalf"s staff broken? If not, go he take it his staff with him to the undying lands? ns recall analysis that his employee was broken, yet as ns reread the Return of the King, I now don"t think this is the case and also I think I was mistaken. I know that Gandalf breaks the employee of Saruman and casts him out of the order, it is feasible that I blended his fate v that that Gandalf.

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Gandalf"s staff was never ever broken, nor to be it every expressly stated that it to be taken or lost. In instances like his being captured by Saruman or his fight with the Balrog, we are left to our very own guesses around whether Gandalf was able to organize on to his employee throughout the ordeal or if he just made/aquired an additional afterwards.

I think staffs have actually a much more symbolical meaning, rather than stop the actual powers of their bearer. Gandalf does rest the employee of Saruman through an incantation of sorts, though that seems to be much more of one official and also final statement from the Valar quite than an action of actually taking Saruman"s strength away, because that the ns of i beg your pardon he self was responsible (having wasted them on domination over his minions and possibly attempts at forging his own ring).

I have two enquiries. How did Gandalf gain his staff ago after being recorded by Saruman? Saruman would certainly have, no doubt, take away the staff when he caught him.Was Gandalf defeated by the Witch-King and was Gandalf"s employee broken? If not, walk he take his staff v him to the undying lands? ns recall reading that his employee was broken, yet as ns reread the Return that the King, I now don"t think this is the case and I think I was mistaken. I recognize that Gandalf division the employee of Saruman and also casts him out of the order, that is possible that I blended his fate with that that Gandalf.
First off, there is no evidence that Saruman take it Gandalf"s staff from him when he captured Gandalf. In fact the just clue we have around this comes from a dream the Frodo"s
From FotR: In the house of Tom Bombadil In the dead night, Frodo lay in a dream there is no light. Then he witnessed the young moon rising; under its thin light over there loomed prior to him a black wall surface of rock, pierced through a dark arch favor a great gate. It seemed to Frodo the he was lifted up, and also passing end he witnessed that the rock-wall was a one of hills, and also that in ~ it was a plain, and also in the middle of the plain stood a pinnacle the stone, favor a large tower however not do by hands. ~ above its height stood the figure of a man. The moon together it rose seemed come hang for a moment over his head and also glistened in his white hair together the wind stirred it. Up from the dark plain listed below came the crying of fell voices, and also the howling of numerous wolves. Unexpectedly a shadow, choose the shape of good wings, passed across the moon. The figure lifted his arms and a irradiate flashed from the employee that that wielded. A mighty eagle brushed up down and bore that away. The voices wailed and also the wolf yammered.
This dream was confirmed by Gandalf later in the book.As because that the question of the Witch-king, Gandlaf to be not defeated by the Nazgul-lord together they never fought. The confrontation between them was interupted through the sound the the horns of Rohan.

Saruman did not take Gandalf"s staff he did in fact have the whilst imprisoned. Why then, would certainly Saruman no take it? it seems favor Gandalf would have a many power v the staff, power sufficient to escape captivity.

I don"t think Gandalf"s employee had any type of inherent "magical" properties in and of itself. Ns think that a employee he possessed... Or maybe I should say "wielded" - ended up being merely an extension of his very own power. So that didn"t issue if Saruman take it one from him or if he shed one during or ~ his combat through the Balrog... All he had to execute was take it up another and also it would become what he essential it to be - or rather, what he was able to make of it.

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I think that is noticeable from the two Towers that without a staff he was much less powerful, or unable to exercise his power, since he took it v him into Theoden"s hall and was loathe to component with it when asked to. Ns like how you stated that that is an expansion of his power. Well put.Why was it necessary that Gandalf break Saruman"s staff? If Saruman can just pick up another, climate why would it matter? The ideal reason i can develop is that it to be symbolic of Saruman"s power being stripped native him.