Christmas night is the time once presents room exchanged. The gifts are sometimes brought by Santa Claus (called "Julenissen" in Norway). Presents are also brought through the little gnomes referred to as "Nisse". There are also hobgoblins (Nisse) decorations. Youngsters pick up the presents from under the Christmas Tree and read the cards top top the presents out loud.

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During Advent/December in Norway, sometimes small gifts are provided on each day the December leading up to Christmas. These are recognized as Adventsgave or Kalendergave. There is a comparable tradition in Denmark. The presents are sometimes used in addition to a chocolate advent calendar!

As in Finland, a sheaf that wheat is regularly left the end for the bird to eat end Christmas. Additionally a kind of rice porridge is sometimes left because that the "Nisse" who is believed to security the farm animals.

In some components of Norway, children like to walk carol singing. Often youngsters will dress up as personalities from the Christmas Story, such together the Shepherds and also Wise Men, and go to sing from home to house in their neighborhood neighborhood. Periodically they lug with paper stars ~ above them.

Another heritage in parts of Norway is that families light a candle every night native Christmas night to brand-new Year"s Day.

Christmas wasn"t commemorated in Norway until about 1000 or 1100, when Christianity first came come the area. Prior to this people commemorated jul or jòl in the middle of winter. It was a celebration event of the harvest gone and also a means of looking front to the spring. Lots of beer (juleol) was brewed and also drunk in honour the the old pagan Scandinavian gods.

Maybe the most well known custom about Christmas in Norway is the huge Christmas Tree that Norway gives to the UK every year. The tree is given as a current to say "thank you" for the help that the civilization of the UK gave to Norway during civilization War II. The tree stand in Trafalgar Square in the middle of London and also often thousands of people come to watch when the lights are turned on.


A classic Norwegian Christmas Tree decoration room small document baskets called "Julekurver" which made in the shape of a heart. It"s stated that the writer Hans Christian Andersen can have designed them in the 1860s! indict on just how to make Julekurver space on this site: http://www.stavanger-web.com/baskets.php

In Norwegian Happy/Merry Christmas is "God Jul" or "Gledelig Jul". In North-Sami, talked in northern parts that Norway, Sweden, Finland and also Russia, it"s "Buorit Juovllat". Happy/Merry Christmas in lots more languages.

Many different varieties of cakes and also biscuits are eaten over the Christmas duration in Norway. One of the most famous is a unique bread called "Julekake" that has actually raisins, candied peel and also cardamom in it. Here"s a recipe because that Norwegian feet Cake. Rice Porridge is consumed on Christmas night either together a meal at lunchtime (served v butter, sugar and also cinnamon) or as a dessert to the main evening email (with whipped cream mixed in!). If you discover an almond in your portion you"re traditionally offered a pink or white marzipan pig.

The main meal is generally pork or mutton ribs offered with "surkal" (white or red cabbage, carefully chopped and cooked v caraway seeds and vinegar) and potatoes.

Musevisa - The computer mouse Song

A an extremely popular tune at Christmas time in Norway is the Musevisa (The computer mouse Song). The words were created in 1946 by Alf Prøysen. The song is a classic Norwegian people tune. It speak the story of some mice acquiring ready for Christmas and the Mother and Father mice warning their children to remain away from mouse traps! It ended up being popular an extremely quickly and is currently as renowned as ever in Norway.

In 2008 an extra verse was believed to have been discovered (that affiliated a cat!). However this was a hoax by a Norwegian photographer referred to as Ivar Kalleberg. Most civilization thought this was quite fun and also that Alf Prøysen would have actually liked the joke!

Here space the native of the Musevisa in an English translation, by Ivar Kalleberg and Kenneth Tillson and used with the type permission of Elin Prøysen, the daughter of Alf Prøysen. There"s additionally a video of some people singing it (in Norwegian) in ~ a Christmas event, so girlfriend can shot singing along!

Musevisa (The mouse Song) English Translation

When nights are obtaining longer, and lakes will freeze come ice;Father computer mouse warns strongly around a foul device:"If we stop the mouse trap, we will have naught come fear.We"ll all be celebrating, at Christmas time this year."Heyday and also howdy and toodeladdeloo.A funny Christmas season is an excellent for me and also you. (x2)

Mother computer mouse is cleaning, every ceiling and also each wall.She desires a house that"s cosy, once Yuletide snowflakes will certainly fall.A grubby residence at Christmas, would be a an excellent disgrace.So young ones run a Polka, their tails move out the place.Heyday and also howdy and toodeladdeloo.A merry Christmas season is good for me and you. (x2)

And lastly the evening, the youngsters every await.They recognize they"ll have actually permission to remain up very late.A toe-less boots is spruced up with nails that they have found.And then part flimsy cobwebs which they have the right to drape around.Heyday and howdy and toodeladdeloo.A funny Christmas season is good for me and also you. (x2)

Father computer mouse now tells them the they should type a ring."Let"s dance roughly this old boot and also hear our Granny sing.Each computer mouse should usage its ideal paw, to take its neighbor"s tail.Then listen as Old Granny sings a beloved Fairy tale."Heyday and also howdy and also toodeladdeloo.A merry Christmas season is good for me and also you. (x2)

They have for Christmas dinner, grilled Arctic halibutAnd climate an old tradition, they share a hazel nut.There"s sticky candy paper. A spicy Yuletide Ham.They all deserve to savour its bouquet and also taste part apple jam.Heyday and howdy and toodeladdeloo.A merry Christmas season is good for me and you. (x2)

Old Granny"s Christmas existing is a brand-new rocking chair.A hollowed-out potato which her kin have actually gnawed v flair.Now Granny starts she singing, the youngsters sing along.They always love to sign up with her in your favorite Christmas song.

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Heyday and also howdy and also toodeladdeloo.A funny Christmas season is good for me and you. (x2)

Old Granny"s gaining tired, quickly comes the at an early stage dawn.As morning is pull close she cannot aid but yawn:"Christmas is a the majority of fun because that each and also every mouse.Be cautious of the mouse-traps in this catch infested house!"Heyday and also howdy and toodeladdeloo.A merry Christmas season is an excellent for me and you. (x2)

The Father computer mouse says, gravely, "It"s time to take a nap.Just dream around the Yuletide and not that terrible trap."While Father computer mouse is keeping watch, the children try to sleep.They hum some Christmas carol rather of counting sheep.Heyday and also howdy and also toodeladdeloo.A merry Christmas season is great for me and you. (x2)

Here are two "extra verses" composed by Ivar Kalleberg. The top one is his "hoax verse" and the second on is one much more in the soul of Christmas!

When anyone was sleeping, then come a hungry cat.He ate up every the small mice and a chubby passing rat!But no one has to worry, no one needs to cryThey every soared up to heaven to the mansion in the sky!Heyday and also howdy and also toodeladdeloo.A funny Christmas season is good for me and you. (x2)

Before the mice to be sound asleep, there came the dreaded cat."I have not come here to damage you, let"s have a trusted chat.In this sweet Christmas season, I would certainly not touch a mouse.Let Love and also Peace prevail. We"ve Christmas in ours house!"Heyday and also howdy and toodeladdeloo.A merry Christmas season is great for me and also you. (x2)