Exuma is just one of the most popular destinations in the Bahamas the end Islands, so gaining there one often asks “How much is Exuma native Nassau?“. Home to the Bahamas swimming Pigs at Pig Beach, the Exumas room actually a large archipelago the 365 archipelago consisting of: the Exuma Cays, great Exuma and tiny Exuma. The Exuma Cays space a stunning arsenal of deserted islands, several of which are owned through Hollywood superstars prefer Johnny Depp.

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How far is Exuma native Nassau?

The street from Nassau come Exuma is 220km or 135miles. but it depends on where particularly in the Exumas you wish to take trip to – will certainly it be an island in the Exuma Cays or Georgetown the capital and also largest city of good Exuma?

Nassau to Normans Cay (Northern most Exuma Cays) = 80km or 50milesNassau to Pig Beach (Big significant Cay, Exuma Cays) = 140km or 86milesNassau come Georgetown (Great Exuma) = 240km or 150milesNassau come Little Exuma = 260km or 160miles

Nassau to Exuma Day expedition to Bahamas swim Pigs in ~ Pig Beach

Nassau to swimming Pigs Island is 40 minutes trip by plane. Or you have the right to take a Speedboat native Nassau to Pig beach which takes 3 hours. Since of how much is Exuma indigenous Nassau, that is highly recommended to take it the plane!

Disadvantages of acquisition a speedboat native Nassau come Exuma Pig Beach:Long journey time 3 hours, Nassau to Pig IslandUncomfortable journey throughout open oceanSpeedboats exposed to the sun, wind and also rainSpeedboat operators commonly cancel in ~ short notice due to bad sea problems or weatherBenefits of paris from Nassau come Exuma:Quick trip time 40 minutes, Nassau to Staniel Cay AirportComfortable journey in air-conditioned aircraftStunning views of the Exuma Cays archipelago from home window seatsQuick journey permits maximum time spent on island enjoying activities

How to acquire from Nassau come Exuma by airplane with Bahamas waiting Tours

Nassau to Exuma Day pilgrimage to the swim Pigs

Bahamas Air tours offers complete day trips by airplane to the Exuma Cays. The Nassau come Exuma Day pilgrimage is a complete day excursion Exuma tours from Nassau the takes guests straight to Pig beach to enjoy the Bahamas swimming Pigs. Flights land at the surrounding Staniel Cay Airport, i beg your pardon is the island next door to huge Major Cay (Pig Beach). Guests suffering the Nassau to Exuma job trip can forget about how far is Exuma indigenous Nassau, because this all-inclusive day tour offers door to door pickup and also drop off with VIP services.

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Apart from visiting the Bahamas swim Pigs at large Major Cay, the Bahamas Air tourism Exuma tours from Nassau likewise take guest to go Swimming with Sharks at Compass Cay. Other attractions and sights in Exuma went to on the day tours include: The James link Thunderball Grotto cave, Sand Bars at Pipe Creek, Bahamian absent Iguanas in ~ Bitter Guana Cay and the sunken aircraft Wreck at Compass Cay.

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