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In Robert Fitzgerald"s translation of The Odyssey , the door to Polyphêmos" cavern is explained as a "great boulder." while a particular weight is not given for the boulder, this translate in does claim that, "Two dozen four-wheeled wagons, with heaving wagon teams, could not have stirred the tonnage of that...

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In Robert Fitzgerald"s translate into of The Odyssey, the door to Polyphêmos" cave is explained as a "great boulder." when a specific weight is not provided for the boulder, this translate into does insurance claim that, "Two dozen four-wheeled wagons, through heaving wagon teams, can not have actually stirred the tonnage of the rock from whereby he wedged it end the doorsill." though "tonnage" might not it is in a literal translation of how much the boulder weighs, the details Homer offers confirm the this is an extremely heavy boulder--we can assume that the mix of "tonnage" and also the instance of wagons and also wagon teams means this boulder weighs much more than a ton.

Homer discusses the weight of the boulder further, calling the "his an excellent door slab" and also saying that Polyphêmos has actually no trouble relocating it. Odysseus knows that he and his males cannot relocate the slab on your own, and while Homer doesn"t offer us specific figures because that how many accompany Odysseus to the island, Homer writes, "As luck would have it, the guys I would have actually chosen winner the toss--four solid men, and I made five as captain." That method that the boulder is heavy enough that Odysseus" men, who number end five, can"t relocate it even if they shot all together.

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This is why Odysseus has to trick Polyphêmos right into letting him and also his men out. The cyclops is so strong that he have the right to move this boulder ~ above his own, making that a formidable enemy, and as long as the slab is in place they can not escape. This is a difficulty of brains, no brawn, i beg your pardon is whereby Odysseus excels--they to escape the cavern through tricking the cyclops rather than v brute strength.