If girlfriend don’t understand this already, catfish space a an extremely sturdy fish. Talk to any type of catfish angler and also they’ll tell friend stories about the will catfish have to live. I personally have driven 3 hrs with a stringer that catfish in the ago of mine pickup, no water, wind blowing, only to arrive home with them quiet flopping approximately trying to escape.

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How Long can Catfish Live the end of Water?

So exactly how long have the right to catfish live out of water? the really counts on what varieties of catfish you’re talk about. Through over 3000 catfish species out there, it’s tough to offer a basic answer. That’s because some catfish breathe air when others remove oxygen from the water with gills.

With that claimed though, it’s for sure to say the the usual kind the catfish we operation into, such as blues, flatheads and channel cats deserve to survive the end of water for as much as 15 hours and even longer. And also that’s at the really extreme end. Top top average, you might expect catfish that you capture to stay alive for at least several hrs after you eliminate them indigenous the water. Again, this is different for each varieties of catfish.

An significant True Story around A Catfish out of Water

From personal experience i knew the catfish could stay alive the end of the water for at least 3 or 4 hours. It’s occurred to me plenty of times.

But if doing some research for this article, i came across this tremendous story that a pair anglers who recorded a catfish and also found it alive days later!

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“I have the right to only speak indigenous experience, however when i was a boy I walk fishing with my Dad and also the only thing we recorded that night to be a five pound flathead catfish.

We placed the catfish in a 5 gallon bucket with around a customs of water to store it alive till we acquired home. After us unloaded the van we obtained a phone call that his mother had actually died….So us took a trip to southern California and completely forgot about the catfish ~ above the patio.

Three days later on when we came home, i went exterior to execute the yard work and on the patio was the bucket. That’s once it fight me we forgot around the catfish!

Expecting to see a gruesome site, i looked inside the bucket and also there was this white fish quiet alive. I immediately called my Dad and he come out and saw the bucket and realized the fish to be still there.

He called me to dig a hole and and ask him. I claimed he’s quiet alive! he couldn’t think it. The acted immediately and grabbed the hard plastic swim pool, placed it under a tree and also filled it through the water hose. That told me to put the fish in the pool.

I request why don’t we just kill it and he claimed it’s due to the fact that we’ve had actually enough fatality for awhile.

So i put the fish in the water and sure sufficient it started to swimming around and also get it’s color back. Over the next week us nursed it earlier to health and wellness with worms and cut bait.

We exit it earlier to the river wherein I expect it prospered into a monster. Ever due to the fact that then I’ve had actually a soft spot because that catfish and also I’m in awe the the drive of some animals to remain alive. In all, the catfish live for 80 hrs in very little water about a quarter of an customs deep!”

Final Thoughts

Do you have an tremendous catfish survival story? If so, shoot me an email and phone call me around it. I’d love come hear it and also share it below for everyone to hear about it.