Last minute flight deals native Chicago come Toronto

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never ever too late to book a trip. Here’s our choose of the ideal last minute flights.

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Direct flights from Chicago come Toronto

Want to paris non-stop to Toronto? We’ll aid you find your appropriate route.

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Alternative Chicago to Toronto routes

Looking for the cheapest, more quickly or easiest path from Chicago to Toronto? You can fly into the complying with airports instead.

Chicago to Toronto: flight information

The things to know prior to you go.

Cheapest trip found


Average flight time

1 hr 42 mins

Cheapest month to fly


Most famous airline

Air Canada

Flights per week


Time difference in between Chicago and Toronto

+1 hr(GMT -5)




COVID-19 travel constraints are an altering fast, yet we're right here to assist you find the advice girlfriend need. Inspect our live web page on travel constraints to view if you have the right to travel from Chicago come Toronto, and also if you'll must quarantine ~ above arrival.
There are 4 airports in Toronto: Toronto Pearson International, Kitchener / Waterloo, Toronto Island, and also Hamilton.
The ideal price uncovered on for a trip from Chicago come Toronto is $181. This was discovered by aggregating throughout different carriers and is the cheapest price because that the whole month.
The united States’ biggest inland city is likewise its 3rd biggest as far as total populace is concerned; Chicago is where over 2.5 million civilization live. Nestled ~ above Lake Michigan’s southwestern shoreline, Chi-Town was regarded as the country’s fifth city for fun and also entertainment through one major Cranium Inc. Survey.

Toronto is located 435 mile Northeast of The windy City; the 1 hour 22 minute flight takes passengers across two of the an excellent Lakes, and ends up just on the shore of Lake Ontario.

The urban share similar climates, because they room both located on lakes, although Chicago’s Canadian neighbor has actually been recognized to experience higher amounts of snowfall in the winter. For straight flights native Chicago come Toronto, waiting Canada, American Airlines, continental Airlines, United, and also WestJet are the go-to carriers.

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Out that O’Hare and also Onward to Ontario

Much have the right to be said around the size, scope, and scale of Chicago’s chief operating airport. O’Hare International ranks in ~ the optimal of many lists, the most important of which incorporate it being the planet’s busiest plane for total take-offs/landings.

Based in Chi-Town’s far Northwest Side, O’Hare is constantly bustling v activity. Yearly foreign and domestic passenger counts lot to roughly 70 million, although this figure will proceed to climb steadily because the airfield exceeded Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson for trip traffic. If you gain hung-up in layover, the on-site Hilton Hotel is the perfect place to acquire a an excellent night the sleep!

The journey to Toronto

Despite the beautiful charm the Vancouver and Montreal boast, Toronto is definitely great place to visit every year-round. Because that tourists especially, the riches of affordable (many free) tasks makes because that an even far better vacation. Obtain ready for plenty of art museums and also public markets, not to mention some the the friendliest people in Canada!

The CN tower is constantly a go-to attraction; 1,800 feet in height, visitors have the right to travel to the height for a panoramic check out of the city and enjoy a an excellent meal in its top level restaurant. Most Canadians room crazy around hockey, so why not pay a tribute to Toronto’s Hockey hall of reputation while in town?!

Kensington Market, The Harborfront Center, and also a biking tour down the Don Valley are waiting for you as well! If you want to obtain the many out of your vacation to The Queen City, take benefit of’s airfare compare tool today for cheap flights from Chicago to Toronto. Affordability is what we strive come deliver; quality results come standard!