To transform a gram-force measurement come a newton measurement, multiply the pressure by the switch ratio.

because one gram-force is equal to 0.009807 newtons, you can use this simple formula come convert:

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Gram-force and newtons room both units provided to measure force. Keep analysis to learn much more about every unit that measure.


Gram-force is a unit of pressure equal come the force needed to relocate one gram that mass in ~ a rate of 9.80665 meters per second squared.

The gram-force is a non-SI metric unit because that force. A gram-force is sometimes likewise referred to as a pond. Gram-force have the right to be abbreviated as gf, and are additionally sometimes abbreviated as gF. For example, 1 gram-force can be written as 1 gf or 1 gF.

Gram-force can be expressed making use of the formula: 1 gf = 9.80665 gms2


The newton is a unit to for measuring force equal come the pressure needed to move one kilogram that mass in ~ a price of one meter per second squared.<1>

The newton is the SI acquired unit for force in the metric system. Newtons have the right to be abbreviated together N; for example, 1 newton can be written as 1 N.

Newtons deserve to be expressed making use of the formula: 1 N = 1 kgms2

Gram-force to Newton conversion Table

Gram-force dimensions converted to newtons Gram-force Newtons
1 gf 0.009807 N
2 gf 0.019613 N
3 gf 0.02942 N
4 gf 0.039227 N
5 gf 0.049033 N
6 gf 0.05884 N
7 gf 0.068647 N
8 gf 0.078453 N
9 gf 0.08826 N
10 gf 0.098067 N
20 gf 0.196133 N
30 gf 0.2942 N
40 gf 0.392266 N
50 gf 0.490333 N
60 gf 0.588399 N
70 gf 0.686466 N
80 gf 0.784532 N
90 gf 0.882599 N
100 gf 0.980665 N
200 gf 1.9613 N
300 gf 2.942 N
400 gf 3.9227 N
500 gf 4.9033 N
600 gf 5.884 N
700 gf 6.8647 N
800 gf 7.8453 N
900 gf 8.826 N
1,000 gf 9.8067 N


Z. J. Jabbour and also S. L. Yaniv, The Kilogram and also Measurements the Mass and Force, Journal of research of the national Institute that Standards and Technology,

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