Lewis structure of NO3- ion is attracted step by step in this tutorial. Total valence electron of nitrogen and oxygen atom and an unfavorable charge are thought about to draw the NO3- lewis structure. You will every reality of illustration lewis frameworks from this tutorial i beg your pardon will help you come draw much more lewis frameworks in the future.

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Lewis framework of nitrite ion


Now, we are going to learn, how to draw this lewis structure of NO3- ion.

Steps of drawing NO3- lewis structure

Following steps are required to attract NO3- lewis structure and also they are explained in detail in this tutorial.

find total variety of electrons that the valance shells
that nitrogen and also oxygen atoms and including fee of the anion complete electrons bag in valence shells center atom selection from nitrogen and oxygen atom put lone pairs on atoms security of lewis structure - inspect the stability and minimize dues on atoms by convert lone bag to bonds.

Drawing exactly lewis framework is crucial to attract resonance structures. In an additional tutorial, us learn exactly how to attract resonance structures of nitrate ion.

Total variety of electrons of the valance shells that nitrogen and oxygen atoms and charge of the anion

There are one nitrogen atom and three oxygen atoms in the nitrate ion. Additionally there is a -1 fee on the nitrate ion.

Nitrogen and oxygen are situated at VA and VIA teams respectively in the regular table. So nitrogen has 5 electrons in that valence shell. In oxygen atom, over there are six electrons in its valence shell.

total valence electrons provided by nitrogen atom = 5

There space three oxygen atoms in NO3-, Therefore

Total valence electrons provided by oxygen atoms = 6 *3 = 18

Due to -1 charge, an additional electrons is added

due to -1 charge, got electrons to valence electrons= 1
complete valence electron = 5 + 18 + 1 = 24

Total valence electron pairs

Total valance electrons pairs = σ bonds + π bonds + lone bag at valence shells

Total electron bag are determined by separating the number total valence electron by two. For, NO2-, there room 24 valence electrons, so total pairs that electrons are 12.

Center atom of NO2-

To be the center atom, capacity of having better valance is important. Nitrogen can show valence,5. But, oxygen"s best valence is 2. Therefore nitrogen has actually the an ext chance to it is in the center atom (See the figure). So, currently we can build a map out of NO3- ion.

sketch of NO2- ion

Lone pairs on atoms

There are already three N-O binding in the sketch. Therefore only nine valence electrons pairs are remaining to draw the rest of ion.

Start to note those nine valence electrons bag on exterior atoms (oxygen atoms) as lone pairs. One oxygen atom will certainly take 3 lone pairs adhering to the octal dominance (oxygen and also nitrogen atoms cannot keep much more than eight electron in your valence shells). All nine valence electrons bag (9) are spent as soon as lone bag are significant on oxygen atoms.

Therefore, over there is no ine valence electrons bag to note on nitrogen atom.


Check the security of attracted NO2- ion and minimize dues on atoms by converting lone bag to bonds

Check charges on atoms and mark them as below. Dues are vital to decide the lewis framework of the ion.


The attracted structure because that NO3- is no a steady structure because oxygen atoms and nitrogen atoms have actually charges. As soon as a molecule or ion has so many charges top top atoms, that structure is not stable.

Now, we should try to minimize charges by convert lone pair or pairs which exist on oxygen atom to bonds. Therefore we transform one lone pair of one oxygen atom together a N-O bond.


Now over there is a double bond between nitrogen and also one oxygen atom. There are additionally two solitary bonds (N-O) through nitrogen atom and also other oxygen atoms.


In brand-new structure, dues of atoms room reduced. Currently there is no any kind of charge ~ above one oxygen atom. Also, charge of nitrogen atom is decreased from +2 to +1. Now you understand this structure of NO3- is an ext stable 보다 previous structure due to less dues on atoms.

But, we cannot convert more lone bag of other oxygen atom to do a bond through nitrogen atom because nitrogen can not keep more than eight electron in its last valence shell.

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Ask her chemistry questions and also find the answer How plenty of lone pairs are roughly the nitrogen atom in nitrate ion?

No electrons bag exist top top nitrogen atom. But, on nitrogen atom, over there is a +1 charge. Roughly the nitrogen atom, there room two solitary bonds and twin bond.

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